Case of the Month:  Worrying About the Next Crown Rotting and Falling Off Implants and Prettau Bridge 2015


Pat first came to Dr Mitchmore NINE years ago with his dental problems.  He had had a LOT of dentistry done over the years for seemingly endless expensive dental problems.  At that time he was just not in a position to make a decision that felt right for him between investing more money in more crowns or removing the teeth and going to implants.  Plus the crowns that he had done in the past just did not look very good.  So he did what most people do when the options just don’t seem right – he did nothing.


Fast forward nine years and the problems became more serious and truly were impacting his daily life in terms of embarrassment, pain, emergency dental problems, inconvenient time and time away from work, much less the money.  This time around he had made the decision that felt right to him.  That was to remove all of the teeth – virtually every one of them had crowns and root canals and were brittle, decayed, and yellowed.  He wanted to move forward with dental implants and a very long lasting bridge.


The real pain was revealed when Pat said, “Every time we go on vacation and have a photo made, I always turn my back to the camera like I am looking at the landscape because I am so embarrassed about my smile.”  That hurts!


Now read what Pat has to say about his experience and see the photos of his new look:


(Attachment of Pat Emmons testimonial about Implants and Prettau Bridge with before and after photos)

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