White Fillings

Restoring Houston’s Teeth Without Metal

For a natural-looking smile.

We restore all cavities with white fillings. Not only do they look completely natural and virtually disappear in your smile, they are safer and stronger than metal tooth fillings. We never put metal fillings in our patients’ mouths.

The dangers of metal.

Metal is not only unattractive, it is unhealthy. What many people think of as silver fillings are actually made up of a large percentage of mercury… and who hasn’t heard of the dangers of mercury to the human body?

Metal fillings can also compromise the strength of your teeth, causing them to chip or crack as they fluctuate with temperature changes in your mouth. Because of this, these fillings allow bacteria to form underneath, causing decay in the very teeth they were meant to protect.
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Dr. Randy Mitchmore only uses natural looking composite fillings, or, for more extensive repair, pure porcelain, inlays, onlays and crowns. We think it’s what Houston’s smiles deserve!

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