What Truly Motivates Your Actions?

In today’s somewhat cynical society, we often find ourselves questioning everyone’s motives for every single action they take.  It’s ok to do that sometimes, but let’s be honest, some people have less than altruistic motivations when it comes to their behavior.

The problem with this is we can never be sure of what is going on in another person’s mind.  Even those we perceive as having a “pure heart” can sometimes turn out to be evil incarnate.  Trying to understand others’ motivations is a tiresome fool’s errand that will often leave you pulling your hair out and leave your soul dying a slow and painful death.

The only person in this world that you can truly be sure about is yourself.  So rather than posing this question about others, I find myself questioning my own motivations.  I lived a healthy portion of my life going through the motions to appease everyone around me.  They loved who they thought I was, but since my motivations weren’t true to me, I found myself unhappy and depressed about life in general.

That’s when I knew things had to change.  What good was the happiness of those around me if I wasn’t happy with myself?  After deep soul searching I decided that I would rededicate my life to being true to myself.

My sister had an untimely death due to domestic violence and I always felt guilty about not being able to save her.  That is exactly why I decided I would donate as much of my time as I could to the Give Back a Smile Foundation.  I wanted to help all those whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse; so now I am able to facilitate restoring the smiles of domestic abuse survivors.

I also wanted to do all I could for those in the community that have been ravaged by HIV/AIDS. I sat on the board of directors for the Bering Omega Community Services, a company dedicated to providing health and social services to those afflicted with this terrible disease.

Last, but not least I wanted my dental practice to reflect who I was at my core: compassionate and caring. This is when the LifeSmiles way of doing things was born.  Up until that point I had been practicing dentistry like everyone else did… simply because I thought that’s how things were done.  Just like with everything else in my life, I decided that my practice would be an extension of who I was, not who I was supposed to be.  Since I made that change my professional life became so much more rewarding.

All of these facets of my life have changed because I wanted to feel like I was the best human being I could be.  The smiles of those who I have helped along the way have been more than enough motivation for me to continue giving back as much as I could.

Sometimes in life though, others see the good you are doing and decide to reward you for your efforts.  I am fortunate enough to have had that happen to me.  Mayor Parker has seen fit to declare June 14th as Dr. Randy Mitchmore Day.  Trust me when I say I never thought such an honor would be bestowed upon me.

It just goes to show that when you stop worrying about other’s motivations and only worry about what is motivating you, not only will you be much happier… the universe tends to recognize your heartfelt commitment and reward you for it.

Dr Mitchmore is active in the community. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Montrose Management District. His passion is Dentistry. He has also been a City Councilman and Chairman of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Charitable Foundation, Give Back A Smile. The foundation helps survivors of intimate partner abuse regain their smile. You can find out more about him at www. LifeSmiles.us or call (713) 592-9300 today!

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