Dr. Mitchmore and Andrea

The Gift of a LifeSmile

We change lives.  

We understand if that may sound a little funny to you. If you’re wondering why a little dental office in Houston would make such a bold claim, you wouldn’t be the first.  
However, if you’ve met me or anyone from my team, you know we don’t see what we do as simply dentistry. Though, we’re as experienced and educated on the most innovative technologies in the industry, we don’t see us as another dental office. We see our work as truly transformative.
We believe we change lives because that’s what our patients tell us (we actually call them friend-patients because it’s really more accurate). They tell us how they used to hide when it was time for pictures, and now they smile proud and wide. They cry when they see their once-chipped-tooth fixed forever, because that tooth was a reminder of domestic abuse that occurred decades prior. They laugh because it feels so much better to laugh when you feel good about your smile. When you feel proud of your smile, your life is quite simply–better.
Since we’re in the business of changing lives, we decided to launch the Smiles for Soldiers Campaign. Our objective was to give the gift of a LifeSmile to one very deserving veteran of our armed forces. This gift included a transformative dental implant surgery utilizing the Prettau® Zirconia full-arch bridge. 

After combing through dozens of amazing candidates, we discovered Andrea LeJeune, a veteran of the Air Force, and currently an English teacher at Bellville High School in Sealy, TX. We chose Andrea because not only was she in the military but her 3 sons were also in the military. Another deciding factor was that she gives back DAILY to her underprivileged students.

We’re currently in the process of giving Andrea her smile back. Along with this gift several other amazing civilians have stepped up to support Andrea’s transformation. We’ve partnered with Dress for Success and Salon on Kirby to help with this initiative.  

The best part is you can see all this happen live! Andrea will reveal her new confident self on KPRC Channel 2’s Houston Life segment on January 25th at 1:20pm. This is a once in a lifetime gift for Andrea, and it is sure to change her life. 

Truthfully, as amazing as this gift and moment is for Andrea, we see it happen almost daily at our little dental office. We believe we’re in the business of changing lives and LifeSmiles can help you get the smile of your dreams. 

Are you interested in changing your life for the better?

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