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Dental implants are one of the cosmetic surgeries that Dr. Randy Mitchmore offers in his Houston, TX office.  He offers quality dental implants at an affordable cost designed to fit the budget of all of his patients.  As with all of our procedures, we take pride in informing our patients on the procedure they are about to have or are interested in having done.  This page will take you through the basics of dental implants and will give you a better idea of what implants are and how they can dramatically improve the quality of your lifestyle.

What  Are  Dental  Implants?

Before finding out if you are a candidate for the procedure or not, it is important to have a general background on what dental implants are.  Do you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth?  Well, dental implants are a safe and effective way to replace that tooth or group of teeth that may be missing.  The end result of the procedure is custom made porcelain teeth that are attached to the implant.  After the procedure, your smile and piece of mind will be restored.  Please note as well that dental implants are not the same as dentures; the best part about dental implants is that they permanently fuse with your jawbone, so you don’t have to worry about taking them in and out like dentures or falling out of your mouth; they replace the missing tooth as well as maintain the bone in the area.



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Do  I  Qualify  for  Dental  Implants?

Now that you know more about implants, you may be wondering if you are a prime candidate for this procedure.  Good News:  most everyone can have successful dental implants.  Even diabetics and smokers can have success when proper care and skill are applied.  From an insurance standpoint, most company sponsored health plans will contribute toward the cost of dental implants, but just as with any procedure, the amount they contribute can vary so you want to check with the specifics of your plan.  So just how much you get is very hard to pinpoint, but once you have your consultation done we can assist you in getting this information.

As far as being qualified from a dental standpoint, Dr. Mitchmore will check out the following to see if you are a qualified candidate:

  • First, he will take into consideration your overall dental health.  This is essential for any kind of dental implant procedure to take place.  The best dentists will always take your personal health into consideration before any surgery and Dr. Mitchmore always puts his client’s best interests first.
  • How does the bone structure of the area around the teeth that need to be replaced look?  Your structure needs to be strong enough to hold the implants securely, if it isn’t, then it could lead to serious problems down the road.  Dr. Mitchmore will take 3-D images of your mouth to make sure that it is suitable for the operation or if some bone enhancement needs to be done.


The  Actual  Procedure

So you have just found out if you are a qualified candidate for dental implants. You must be interested in knowing how the procedure will be, right?  We realize that most people do not run into the dentist’s chair to get these procedures done, which is why we like to put our clients’ mind at ease before they ever sit in a dental chair.

Arthroscopic  Placement

By fusing models of your teeth or gums with a 3-D scan of the area, Dr Mitchmore can produce a surgical guide that makes placement of the dental implants much like robotic arthroscopic surgery!  Often times the implants can be placed with NO incision and NO sutures!  This is a huge technological advantage resulting in minimal discomfort, swelling, bleeding, or down time.

First  Step

The first step is to have the implant placed into the jawbone.  Does that sound like it could hurt?  Be assured that during this part of the process the patient will be under a local anesthetic and may also be under sedation as well.  Keep in mind as well that the implant that is being placed will eventually become the foundation for your new set of teeth.

Second  Step

To ensure that the implants take hold and are secure, there is usually a three month waiting period. During this waiting period it is important to make sure that the implant fuses correctly with your bone structure. It is important to do this so that when the crowns are fabricated they can be done so in a seamless fashion. All-in-all, you are looking at a few months from the time of the initial procedure through your healing time until your new crowns are made.

I want to leave the door open that is some circumstances the teeth are attached to the implants the very same day. You may have heard of Teeth In a Day or some similar catchy phrase. The real truth is there are a couple of appointments of preliminary measurements and laboratory procedures done before the teeth are delivered in one day.

Some  of  the  Distinct  Advantages  to  Dental  Implants Houston Texas

Now that you know how the procedure works, why should you even consider implants?  How are they any different than dentures?  Those are two very good questions, and here’s exactly why:

  • Dental implants will ensure the integrity of your jaw bone structure for years to come.  This may not seem like a big deal now to you, but it will in a couple of years when your face starts to possibly sink in.
  • You do not have to worry about dental implants slipping like your dentures do and causing you problems.  Implants are sturdier and built to last.  Dentures are a quick fix that produces less in the results department.  You will also find that dentures are not really good quality anymore compared to implants.
  • Dealing with sore gums in general is no fun and dental implants can put an end to sore gums forever.

The  Latest  Dental  Implant  Technology  –  Mini  Dental  Implants

As is consistent in his whole practice, Dr. Mitchmore is at the cutting edge of his field.  He is constantly looking for ways to make his patients have a more enjoyable experience before, during, and after surgery.  Mini dental Implants are the latest advancement in the world of dental implants.

Without getting too technical, these mini implants are more narrow then typical dental implants.  What does this mean for you as a patient?  Well, as a whole it means that in the past some people that wanted implants were turned down because there were told there jawbone was too narrow.  Now, mini implants can fit into these narrow spaces.  Even the hopeless narrow spaces can now be expanded with a special technique Dr Mitchmore uses called ridge split and ridge expansion without the use of hammers or chisels! Because of this, it leads to less swelling of the gums during the recovery period and healing is faster. This technology along with the general expertise and skill that Dr. Mitchmore possesses makes him one of the most desired dental implant dentists in the state of Texas.  If you need dental implants, Houston, this is the place to get them.

Think that dental implants may be something you want to explore?  Don’t wait any longer!  Call 713 592 9300 Dr. Mitchmore’s office today to schedule a consultation. 

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