Sleep Dentistry to Help  Houston Get Some Rest

What are those bags under your eyes? Don’t tell me you had another miserable night because your partner was snoring and gasping again! If you wake up night after night because of the noise your bed partner has been making, please give me a call! You might be doing more than helping yourself get a good night’s rest – you might be saving your partner’s life! If you have noticed that your bed partner does more than snore but also stops breathing and then makes gasping or choking noises, he or she probably has sleep apnea, sleep breathing disorder that is more serious and life affecting than you might expect. Because sleep apnea sufferers are oxygen deprived during sleeping hours, they can suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness, moodiness and even heart problems. Help your partner – and yourself – get healthy, restful sleep by calling me, Dr. Randy Mitchmore at (713) 592-9300 or visit our website

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