Yes, I’m writing about root canals again. You may not believe it, but root canals are really a wonderful thing. They stop your toothache pain and save your tooth– all in one visit. The procedure is fairly simple. We open your tooth the way we would if we were repairing a cavity and then clean all the infectious material out of your tooth and its roots. After everything is as clean as can be, we seal your tooth and place a gorgeous porcelain crown to protect and seal your tooth and make it look and feel great. Our root canals are very effective and help us save teeth that might otherwise need to be pulled and replaced – procedures that are more costly and take much more time. And while you are receiving your root canal treatment, we will pamper and soothe you with a glass of wine, a cozy blanket and of course, my irresistibly charming personality! For more information about our comfortable root canals, call 713- 592-9300 in Houston, or visit the Life Smiles Website at

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