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Montrose Star interviewed me recently and we talked about how unfair dental problems can be and how to know if you are at an elevated risk for dental problems.

M.S.  I am mad as hell.  How come my older sister has perfect teeth, yet she never even had braces, doesn’t floss and doesn’t have any cavities or dental problems.  I brush my teeth twelve times a day, have spent a fortune on my teeth and still have dental problems.  What’s up with that?

Dr. M.  You are not alone!  Dental Problems Are Not Fair!  You have hit on a stark reality that some people have a lot    more dental problems than others.  Some are for reasons totally out of your control like heredity and some are for reasons that you do have some control over like drinking sodas and smoking.  That is why I have developed a simple self test that is modeled after work done at the Kois Center in Seattle.

M.S.  Is this going to be painful?

Dr. M.  Sometimes the truth hurts.  It will also put things into perspective for you.

M.S.  How does it work?Dr. M. Pretty simple actually.  Just go down the list and answer the questions.  Be honest and if you are not sure, the answer is probably “Yes”.


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