Principal Ballet Dancer in Invisalign

Karina Gonzalez is a BEAUTIFUL LifeSmiles patient that is one of the principal Dancers for the World Famous Houston Ballet.

The story goes like this.  So many adults are wanting the teeth done just right and sometimes that means orthodontic work is necessary before the finishing beautiful touches can be done.  Most busy adults do not want the hassle and the look of having braces on their teeth.

Karina initially came to Dr Mitchmore because unfortunately she had lost two teeth in her smile zone.  She had done her research on the internet and decided this was the place to be.  She inquired about having two implants done to replace the two teeth that were missing.

Janie that works with Dr Mitchmore is so good at thinking outside the box.  After careful examination of the big picture, we discovered something wonderful.   Karina had a deep overbite and her teeth were not perfectly straight.  Of course she is absolutely stunningly beautiful and nothing short of a stunningly beautiful smile would do.  So we thought, “what if we made the teeth straight and beautiful with Invisible braces and actually reduced the size of the space.  That way Karina would need only one implant and not two!”

You can imagine the enormity of the esthetic challenge.  Here we have someone that literally is on stage, has very close up professional photographs made, bright lights and people with binoculars looking at her.  AND she needs imaging altering dentistry done while not missing a single performance or rehearsal, and look like nothing is being done during the entire process.

Please examine the accompanying photographs very carefully.  When they were made, Karina was in the middle of her invisible orthodontic treatment and there is a temporary false tooth replacing the one (used to be two) that is missing in the smile zone.  Dr Mitchmore have developed a very special technique to make this happen and do this sequence on many of his adult patients.   We get such a warm grateful feeling when we see Karina on TV or leaping across the stage knowing that she has gotten The Gift of a Life Smile and we have been blessed to work with such a delightful person.

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