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image001Dear Dr. Mitchmore,

I’ve been told that I have a pretty smile, but inwardly I didn’t feel that way. When you talked to me about Invisalign, me being skeptical is an understatement.

Growing up, I only heard about braces to straighten teeth, so how could trays do the same thing. It wasn’t an overnight decision, but today I can honestly say, I’m a believer. I wanted Invisalign to work, so I was diligent and followed your directions from beginning to end.

The results are proof that it worked. I’m happy that I made the decision and now I have a new “LifeSmile.”

Many thanks,
Carol Humphrey

mark-nicholsI have never experienced a higher level of oral health care than with Randy Mitchmore and the LifeSmiles Team. First, there is an atmosphere of calm, nurturing care from the waiting area, to the hygiene area, and into the treatment rooms. The team is wonderful at making me feel relaxed and safe while presenting themselves as knowledgeable and professional. The level of care they provide is exceptional. I truly look forward to my visits with them because I feel like I am spending time with really good friends while receiving wonderful care.

C. Mark Nichols, DDS
Vice President of Clinical Affairs, Bering Omega Community Services
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Texas School of Dentistry, Houston
Director of Dental Education, Texas/Oklahoma AIDS Education and Training Center
Panelist for the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects, U T Health, Houston
St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities, Community Health Leader Award, 2009
American Academy of Oral Medicine
International Association of Dental Research


Cohen Oral Surgeon

“During my time participating in organized dentistry, including as an ADA Council member and serving on the TDA Board of Directors, I have worked with dentists from all over the country and the state. As Past President of the Great Houston Dental Society, I served with Dr. Mitchmore on our Legislative Action Committee and through his efforts on our DENPAC Committee. Randy’s diligence and dedication to organized dentistry is also present when caring for his patients at LifeSmiles.   His expertise  in esthetic dentistry make him a valuable asset to our profession and I consider it a pleasure to work with him.”

Rita M. Cammarata, DDS

Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry Group

As a specialist, I have the opportunity to work with quite a few dental offices. Dr. Mitchmore and his efficient, highly trained staff make referrals seamless. His clinical skills and attention to detail are outstanding and indicative of a clinician who strives to maintain the highest of clinical standards while at the same time emphasizing patient satisfaction and care. – Ron Hill, DDS, MSD

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I don’t need to fill out a survey but I would like you to know that after wearing the new appliance for just 48 hours the difference between Invisalign and that other company is night & day.  It’s like a Rolls Royce vs Roller Skates.  Invisalign is smaller & more malleable so they are more comfortable and easier to get on & off.  They don’t have that nasty sharp ridge that always needed to be filed down.

Thanks again for getting me out of that other program.

Kenn Kirksy, PhD, RN, FAAN

The level of technical expertise is unsurpassed; however, the level of caring is more important to me as a patient.  EVERY member of the team has been so kind, seems to genuinely care about my well-being, and has gone BEYONE what one would normally experience in a healthcare environment.  I feel valued and truly cared for at your office; you are most appreciated!  Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

Joe Ross

photo“Being the end of the year makes me reflect on all the big moments of the past year. I just wanted to send you a short email to let you know that this past year you changed my life. I’m so grateful for the work that you did and continue to do for me. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had smiled I had pretty teeth that I was proud to show off. I literally had to spend hours in front of the mirror practicing my smile because I had forgotten how to. And smiling on the outside has changed my insides. I’m happier, more self confident, it’s helped me in my job because I’m more confident and not hesitant to approach people now. Thank you. Your not only gives people pretty teeth, it changes there lives. Happy new year”

Joe’s Story- Joe is a very handsome man.  He literally did not smile because he was embarrassed about his smile.  In this photo I had to poke him to finally show off his great LifeSmile!

He is a nationally known DJ

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john_buchananJohn Buchanan

  • “Everyone always treats me special love you guys”
  • “5 stars”

John’s Story:

John is a busy real estate agent, travel agent, and United flight attendant – his smile is important to him and for the first time impressions he makes on his clients.  He is currently undergoing Invisalign treatment.


stephen_barnaStephen Barna

  • “Words alone can’t express enough of what an INCREDIBLE experience I have had on every visit. The entire staff is INCREDIBLE! I have never been treated with such compassion and respect. I truly feel like family, and look forward to a long and wonderful friendship.”
  • “The entire staff is focused on providing a pleasant experience. My friends are always amazed when I talk about the state of art equipment & services. Thank you for the personal attention.”

Stephen’s Story – Stephen is a professional waiter at a high end restaurant.  He was embarrassed about how his smile looked.  He knew it was affecting the way he came across to people because he refused to smile.  He was extremely fearful of dental treatment due to really bad dental experiences in the past.  He has begun a smile makeover with Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers and IV Sedation.  He is not finished yet and is already a Raving Fan of LifeSmiles.  By The Way – he reports his income has gone up because he now smiles more!

andrew_kingAndrew King

  • “always feel like a family member…very warm staff, very attentive and personable”

Andrew’s Story – As a supervisor at Southwest Airlines, Andrew has to be able to face customers and co-workers that may be under a lot of stress and short on patience.  He uses his charm to calm the wild beasts.  His smile was not so welcoming.  He has been going through Invisalign to straighten the teeth and will replace some old crowns that simply do not look good.  Andrew is a joy to work with.

terrie_jacksonTerrie Jackson

  • “Excellent dental practice with great staff.”

Terrie’s Story – Terrie is a very friendly accountant.  She has been a faithful patient for a long time.  For years we talked about orthodontic treatment.  The time finally came where she said “I am ready to do it!”  She has begun Invisalign orthodontic treatment so that her “braces” are invisible.  The gap has already closed and she could not be happier.  She will replace some not so nice looking old crowns when finished.

roger_gordonRoger Gordon

  • “Always a please to meet your team. Everyone is so warm and friendly. I’m also pleased that when you add new employees they are of the same friendly persuasion.”
  • “This is the BEST dental office in Houston! If you don’t have a dentist, and we are concerned about selecting a good one, go no further. This office rocks!!”

Roger’s Story:  “As a business consultant to international companies, when I looked around the board room table, I realized my smile was not on par with the CEO’s that I was talking to.  I could not talk to them about running a successful business if I did not look the part myself”.  Roger had good teeth but had not had really comprehensive care in some time and his look needed an update.  He has been very pleased with his dental makeover and has even done some consulting for LifeSmiles and public speaking coaching for Dr Mitchmore as his way of saying Thank You.

Jimmy Wead

  • “I can’t tell you how happy I am that you came back into my life. Your dentistry has made me feel complete again. I have been suffering with these problems for a number of years, and your my DENTAL SAVIOR.”

Jimmy’s Story – Jimmy knew Dr Mitchmore’s family when Dr Mitchmore was a boy growing up on the old East End of Houston.  He literally walked into the office a couple of years ago when he saw the sign while driving by and got reconnected as a friend.  As fate would have it, he developed a serious dental problem and was not happy with the dentist that was working with him.  After some dental implants he could not be happier!

john_copousJohn Copous

  • Star rating 5. During my lifetime, I’ve had several different dentist. They were good, but I always dreaded going to my appointments. My visits to Lifesmiles are always more than pleasant. I especially appreciate how friendly everyone is and also how they remain professional and knowledgeable.”

John’s Story – As the office manager for the local Bailey Moore State Farm Insurance Agency, John really  appreciates good customer service and a friendly team of people.  He is a raving fan of LifeSmiles.

connie_slyConnie Sly

  • “I think I met the entire staff, they were all very cordial, and being a new patient, I really felt welcomed.”
  • “I don’t think I have ever been to a Dentist office where I was made so comfortable at first entrance. The staff was very nice and took all the time I needed for this visit and then some. I felt like I was a person and not just a number on their records. I certainly would recommend this practice to anyone needing dental help.”

Connie’s story – As a snow bird transplant, Connie needed a good dental home.  She had not been to a dentist in many years so she did a lot of research before deciding to come see Dr Mitchmore.  She is glad that she did!

gray_tonyGray Tony

  • “Both Dr. Mitchmore and Janie were delightful to visit with and instantly made me feel welcome and at home.”
  • “I was very impressed with the amount of time Dr. Mitchmore spent with me. He and his assistant Janie wanted to make sure I fully understood my condition and the procedures that would correct it.”

Tony’s Story – Tony met Dr Mitchmore while volunteering with The Mankind Project.  He already had a dentist.  When it came time to consider some major dental work, Tony asked for a second opinion with Dr Mitchmore and was so glad that he did.

grady_stewartGrady Stewart

  • “Dr. Mitchmroe and his staff are always phenomenal in their dental care. I have encountered numerous other patients over the past years in coming & going and there is no other office that shares such a positive staff, patients and smiles.”

Grady’s Story – Grady had been very conscientious and regular about having his really nice teeth cleaned on a regular basis.  He finally developed enough trust or should we say nerve, to have a wisdom tooth removed that had been talked about for years.  After that went well he next had an implant done and that also went very well.  Dr Mitchmore understands that everyone is not ready to do everything needed all at one time!

Janet Lennon

  • “Life Smiles is simply cut about every dental practice I’ve ever been to. Dr. Mitchmore and his staff are always kind, concerned and professional toward their patients. I have absolutely no reservations about referring others to Life Smiles and, in fact, have done so on several occasions.”

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