Nucalm Relaxation

It’s absolutely essential that you feel comfortable during your time with your dentist. Dr. Mitchmore’s work, both in patient relaxation therapies, and in pain management, have always had the goal of helping patients to feel completely at ease, whatever dental services they may require. With so many children and adults who experience mild or severe dental anxiety, it’s often through these practices that patients are able to overcome their apprehensions and get the dental care they so desperately need.

Calming, relaxing techniques, environments, and therapies are, by no means, new. There are new ways of approaching the issue of patient comfort, however, and one of the most exciting among them is NuCalm.

What is NuCalm?

  • NuCalm is a system consisting of several different steps, which the staff here at LifeSmiles can guide you through. For patients in Houston, TX that are searching for one of the most effective, natural forms of sedation therapy on the market, NuCalm brings several well tested, patient approved solutions to the table.
  • An all-natural dietary supplement is provided to reduce your stress. The ingredients of the supplement are safe to take with other forms of medication, and we’ll make sure that you won’t have any allergic reactions as well.
  • Microcurrent stimulation patches are applied behind the ears, to further enhance your relaxation. These patches have been thoroughly researched to impart calm upon patients, and reduce stress during dental service.
  • Soothing music is then provided through headphones that block out external noise. Not just ordinary music, either; even the sounds have been researched, developed, and layered according to the engineers of a finely tuned, neuroacoustic software program to create a state of deep relaxation.
  • Finally, an eye mask is provided to block out light, and complete the relaxing experience.


If you’ve been searching for the best dentist to visit in the Houston/Montrose area that can provide a calmer, more relaxed, and more patient-friendly form of dental treatment, then LifeSmiles is the dental office for you. Dr. Mitchmore’s choice of offering the NuCalm System to his patients is backed by his own research into the NuCalm method, and the testimonials of patients around the country who have used, and benefitted from, this form of relaxation therapy.

Whether you’re interested in cosmetic work, or you’re in need of serious corrective procedures, you may face the same amount of dental stress and anxiety. In the past, addressing those problems would mean relying on medication, or even avoiding a trip to the dentist entirely. Now, with NuCalm, Dr. Mitchmore and the staff at LifeSmiles have a valuable tool that can help patients to feel their best, so that their teeth can be at their best as well.

To learn more about NuCalm, and other therapy solutions that Dr. Mitchmore can offer to patients, simply call our offices at LifeSmiles, or schedule an appointment for a consultation and an examination. We look forward to all of our patients trying, and loving, this new option for a better dental care experience.

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