New Teeth in A Day


Sue raised four children and will celebrate her 52nd wedding anniversary this month.  Her husband is so grateful to her and was heartbroken when his sweetheart’s front teeth broke off.  She was all of a sudden thrown into a dental emergency and was embarrassed for anyone to see her.

Sue had spent her whole life taking excellent care of her husband and children and had only patchwork dentistry done for herself through the years.

Living in Beaumont her husband did an internet search for the best implant dentist and found Dr Mitchmore at LifeSmiles.  Even though there was no pain, Dr Mitchmore considers a lost front tooth as a dental emergency so Sue was seen right away.  A thorough examination was done and a heart to heart conversation about the findings was done with Sue and her husband.  Sue also revealed that she was pretty anxious about having dental work done.  The 3-D digital x-ray revealed a number of hopeless dental problems.  A joint decision was reached that it would be best to remove the remaining broken down teeth, place the latest generation of technologically advanced dental implants, and attach new teeth to the implants all in the same day.

Then the “magic” started to unfold.  Digital photos were matched to the 3-D x-rays, models made and new teeth were sculpted first.  This is different from the way most dentists have done implants.  Most dentists place implants and then plan where the new teeth go.  Often times this results in the new teeth not being in exactly the perfect place to create a beautiful smile.  Dr Mitchmore makes the beautiful and optimally placed teeth dictate where the implants should be placed.  That data is then used to make a surgical guide from a 3-D printer.

On the implant day Francis was made extremely comfortable with IV Sedation.  Dr Mitchmore is the only dentist in the Houston area that is certified and licensed to do any dental care and deliver IV Sedation.  This is much more profound, works faster, and has a safety factor of being able to give just the right amount of sedation compared to what other dentists advertise as sleep or oral sedation dentistry.

The remaining teeth were removed and the dental implants were guided into place much like endoscopic or laproscopic surgery.  This means that no large surgical incisions have to be made!  The new teeth that were already designed were then attached to the implants.   After a couple of hours Francis walked to the car with her new smile.  She reported taking only one pain pill.

This case is still so new, this photo is actually of the temporary teeth!

Here is what Francis had to say about her experience.

“My husband works here in Houston, and I was here visiting him when I began having dental problems. We looked on the internet and found Dr. Mitchmore; we checked out everything about him. Everything

I’ve been going to my dentist for probably 40 years, and he was just patching my teeth until he couldn’t patch anymore. This was really a big chance in me coming to Dr. Mitchmore. He’s been great; the staff has been great. I’ve enjoyed every visit here!

The people are so friendly – everyone comes in to say hi to you whether they are working in another part of the office or what, but they all come to say hi and make you feel special.

My first “ah-ha” with Dr. Mitchmore was me knowing I would have some pretty teeth once he was done with all the dental work. Going through the procedure was good; I had no pain, and I really like the improvements he’s made so far. I truly thought it was going to be so much worse than it really was. My friends have noticed the difference in my teeth. I always get compliment of “I love your teeth” or “you have the prettiest teeth”.  – Sue Stehle

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