Our Dental Mission

We Want To Bring Out Houston’s Smiles

Brightly, soulfully, truthfully the power of your smile

The theme of Dr. Randy Mitchmore’s practice and title of his first book is “The Gift of a LifeSmile.” Here, Dr. Mitchmore meets patients where they are in life. Through his masterful skills as a dentist, he transforms the lives of patients around the world. He moves beyond traditional, rigid constraints to offer something new, fresh and seemingly effortless. He listens to you unconditionally without judgment and offers his years of experience for your innovative and precisely tailored plan.

At LifeSmiles, Dr. Randy Mitchmore and his highly trained team are passionate about creating exclusive, one-of-a-kind dental experiences in a luxurious and pampering environment. Patients from around the world visit his Houston practice seeking a transformation. Whether you are seeking an exquisitely crafted restoration, total makeover to improve your confidence or you just want to eat, LifeSmiles can help. Achieve the feeling which results from a beautiful, healthy smile uniquely yours.

Dr. Randy Mitchmore finds true delight in helping everyone find their happiness. While incorporating advanced techniques using the latest technologies to make patients’ visits as comfortable as possible, he also understands there is more to dentistry than just a restored smile. He is dedicated to getting to know each of his patients; learning more about what will make them the happiest and giving back to his community.

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