Our Dental Mission

We Want To Bring Out Houston’s Smiles

Brightly, soulfully, truthfully

The power of your smile


Ever heard someone say the eyes are the window to the soul?

Well, maybe it’s because we are a dental office, but we beg to differ.  Nothing against eyes, but if you really want a glimpse into someone’s soul, it’s their smile you should be looking for.

Yes, their smile.  Not an anatomical part, per se, but a moment – an expression.  A Smile is a brief pulling apart of the clouds, a clearance through which light and levity, humor and humility, kindness and compassion may all simultaneously pass.  It’s a complex cocktail of personality distilled into one fleeting instant when defenses fall and guards drop and the truth of a person is laid bare for all to witness.

Now, if all that sounds a little heady (after all, it’s just a smile), that’s only because we take the smile seriously.  It is, after all, our business.  At LifeSmiles we are passionate about that; the smile is our field of expertise, our chosen avocation, our life’s work.  We think about it.  We analyze it.  We consider its personal, social, and ethical implications.  We wax poetic about it.

And we defend it.  We defend the true smiles against the smile bombastic.  The smile bombastic is a fearful thing, roughly as warm as fluorescent lighting and about as believable as a politician.  Faintly ominous, entirely unnatural, and more like a sensory assault than a show of confidence.

Needless to say, that’s not our thing.  Here’s where we stand:  as a dentist, I must think twice before erecting a new smile without regard for the human being to whom that smile belongs.  The disconnected, disembodied smile is the result of an approach neither safe nor esthetically responsible.  Just as a home renovation must take into account the home’s origins and intentions, a smile renovation must be based on something deeper than a set of rigid right angles and the most garish shade of white available through modern cosmetic technology.

Yes, we said “esthetically responsible.”  Clearly, there are some for whom that’s a contradiction in terms.  We are different.  We believe that responsible esthetics means dealing in a beauty that’s deeper than skin-deep.  It means striving for a smile that connects.  Resonates.  Rings like a bell.

We go to work each day remembering all this.  We remind each other that it’s appropriate to dig deeper, to question standard practices, to pull back the layers of our professional and look at the truths we reveal.  Maybe that makes us mavericks, but we don’t necessarily see it that way.  What we see is people coming through our doors.  Some of those people have something locked inside that hasn’t quite found a way out.  We have the power to help bring it out.  Brightly, soulfully, vividly, truthfully, we help bring it out.

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