LifeSmiles New Look

When I first saw Karen two years ago, to use her words, “she was a mess”. She was in an extremely stressful job, had not had the time to take care of herself, and had a dental emergency of a broken off tooth in the smile zone with tremendous pain both in the tooth and her TMJ and facial muscles. Oh, I forgot to mention she was terrified of going to the dentist!

She had emergency surgery to remove the broken tooth and a dental implant was placed. The next step was an orthotic to get relief from the TMJ pain until she could correct the bite with Invisalign.
She no longer fears going to the dentist and has become another Raving LifeSmiles Fan.


Here is a sweet note that Karen wrote to us when we rolled out our new Logo and website:

Love the new website … easy to follow, informative AND entertaining!  What more could you ask for?  Learned new things about the team and about the numerous services offered.  Glad that I chose to come to you over two years ago when I was in bad shape.  We’ve come a long, long way, haven’t we?  Everyone notices my smile now.  Even better, the intense pain in my jaw and in my facial muscles is gone.

Thanks, Dr. M, for all you’ve done to improve my quality of life.  I actually look forward to come to the dentist’s office now – it used to be something I absolutely dreaded.  I always know that I will have hugs, smiles kindness and excellent dental care waiting for me at LifeSmiles.

Karen Paul

Media Relations