LifeSmiles Montrose Uno De Mayo

As many of you already know, I had the pleasure of completing my very first book “The Gift of a Life Smile” recently. I celebrated this occasion with a book launch party that also served as a benefit for my favorite charity, “Give Back a Smile”. The event was a tremendous success and I would like to thank everyone that worked so hard to make it happen. I would also like to thank those of you that took time out of your busy lives to attend, it was a thrill to have you present for such a special night.

I still find it hard to believe that I’ve finally written a book, but the response I’ve gotten so far has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s truly wonderful to spread my message of compassionate dentistry to all my readers. Not only is my message one of compassion, but it’s also one that emphasizes the importance of seeking a dentist with an elite skill level. I’ve seen first-hand the damage cheap dentists can cause (since I’m usually the one fixing the mistakes) and let me tell you, it’s not worth the few dollars my patients save.

There’s an old adage that we all know well, “You get what you pay for”… and it applies to dentistry as well. Far too often dentists will cut corners to boost profits and all at the cost of the patient’s well-being. Not only are most dentists cutting corners with their treatment of patients, they are also judgmental and refuse to listen to their patient’s needs and simply dictate to them what work they need done. This isn’t right and frankly, is a practice that has given dentistry a bad name.

At LifeSmiles our patients remain extremely loyal and it certainly isn’t because we are the cheapest choice… no, it’s because we are the right choice. My staff and I refuse to be judgmental or dictate to a patient what their course of action will be. It’s your mouth and we will let you call the shots after we provide our professional in-depth analysis. Not only that, but we practice both general and cosmetic dentistry the proper way. The last thing I would do is jeopardize a patient’s smile by cutting corners… and that’s exactly what my competition has to do to offer prices that seem “too good to be true”, well now you know why they seem too good to be true… they are.

So what I would like you to ask yourself before choosing a dentist is simply this, “Why is this guy so much cheaper than Dr. Mitchmore?” The answer is simple, they aren’t as good, they cut corners, and most importantly they just don’t care enough about you to spend the extra time that I would.

It’s time you make the right choice for your smile and schedule a meet and greet with me today. Call (713) 592-9300 and experience the LifeSmiles difference!

Dr Mitchmore is active in the community. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Montrose Management District. His passion is Dentistry. He has also been a City Councilman and Chairman of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Charitable Foundation, Give Back A Smile. The foundation helps survivors of intimate partner abuse regain their smile. You can find out more about him at www. or call (713) 592-9300 today!

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