K7 Mytronics/TENS

Diagnosing Houston’s TMJ and Bite Disorders

Find balance in your bite.

For the diagnosis of malocclusion and TMJ, we use the Myotronics K7 system and a TENSing Unit.  The K7 evaluation system lets us measure, display and store all the pertinent data on your jaw’s physiological and anatomical function. K7 utilizes electromyography and joint sonography to gently track the position of your jaw and surrounding muscles, determining the most comfortable, functional and optimal position for your bite. In other words, “form follows function.” We don’t guess where your bite should be when we restore your teeth; we know!

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TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation) is tremendously useful when treating disharmony between the movement of the jaw and the jaw muscles. With the TENS system we can massage your muscles into relaxation, increasing blood flow and pumping out waste products.  TENSing works out the lactic acid and allows fresh blood, oxygen and nourishment to enter the muscles.  It also stimulates your body’s endorphins, neurochemicals occurring naturally in the brain that have amazing analgesic properties.  And best of all, TENS can even help deprogram the jaw muscle memory that continues to bring your teeth together improperly.

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