JohnMany twists and turns in life brought John to LifeSmiles. He first joined us a patient in 2008 and likes to warn people we wouldn’t let him leave and put him to work, so be careful.

These bends in the road landed this funny man in the business world. He tends to the behind the scene details and diplomatically handles difficult situations, all with a smile. He says the most rewarding part of his position is talking to the good people that love us – you, the patients.  “Together, we will keep smiling!”

For 14 years, John worked right around the corner from LifeSmiles. We had the opportunity to network with him on a couple of our annual Mental Floss cruises and observed some of the work he did with the Museum District Business Alliance. His compassion for other people and joy for life made him a natural fit to “entertain” our patient family.

John’s proud of his hometown and the good people who raised him in the birthplace of Texas, Historic La Porte, on Galveston Bay. He has a small town attitude and thinks of the Montrose/Museum District as just like any other small town in Texas.

John loves Texas history and trivia. He likes pointing out all kinds of interesting things about Houston to anyone who will listen including the LifeSmiles team when we are trapped in the car with him. “Did you know the statue of General Sam Houston in Herman Park points toward the San Jacinto Battleground, in La Porte?”

John has a goofy sense of humor and quick wit. He’s fun to brainstorm with, but be careful. You never know what direction he’s going.

As a reporter for the La Porte Junior High School’s newspaper, The Bullpup Tales”, John learned the universal rules for writing a newspaper article can be applied to all life situations, even party planning. Faced with a difficult situation or task, he says, “Gather the facts and you’ll feel better”. Who? What? When? Where? How?

Throughout high school, John studied theatre production in a program recognized around the state. There he learned the joy of long hours and rewards of hard work. He learned more about business, marketing and politics than about singing and dancing. His director told him, “John, if you keep smiling like that no one will look at your feet.”

In recent years,John has been an active volunteer with AFH, member of Houston Hemerocallis Society and Social Chair of The Four Seasons.

When not pushing smiles, John spends his time with his huge extended Italian family. From them he learned how to cook for 20 people, and no less.

He enjoys aggressive reading, ambitiouscooking, competitive gardening and writing annoying letters to the editor. He thinks household chores are best done by someone else, but loves the sense of accomplishment doing the laundry gives.

He loves witty humor and people who have deep, varied and profane vocabularies because he likes making a buck off them with his ‘cuss jar’.

He is a funny person, who knows when to be serious. Changing people’s lives is a serious business and he derives great joy from seeing others smile. Go figure.

If you have a question about anything in the bookkeeping arena at LifeSmiles, he is your go-to guy. He puts flair and pizzazz into customer service.He is the kick-ass Chief Enthusiasm Officer for LifeSmiles.

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