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Suffer From Dental Phobia?

Sedation completely relaxes you during treatment.

If you are nervous about going to the dentist and avoid your visits when ever you can, if you hate the typical sounds and smells of the doctor’s office and feel faint at the very thought of a needle, you are certainly not alone; over 100 million Americans experience anxiety about going to the dentist.

Every day, people neglect their smiles, developing anything from dangerous gum disease (linked to severe disorders like heart attacks, strokes, systemic infections and cancers,) to disfiguring decay that can lead to a lack of confidence and even bone loss. That is why relaxation has been such an important focus in my office and why I have invested time into becoming a licensed IV Sedation dentist myself. I have just completed a course of study in Pittsburgh at Duquesne University to administer IV Sedation for dental treatment. 

IV Sedation dentistry is an advanced surgical anesthetic technique that allows patients to completely relax during any dental procedure.  Also known as “deep conscious sedation,” this technique allows medication to be administered directly into the bloodstream. If we discover that you are not completely comfortable, we can immediately increase the level of medication with instant results. It is considered to be very safe because the sedation is so carefully controlled or titrated to a more exacting level than oral sedation.  It is far superior to Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas.  The patient is also carefully monitored with pulse oximetry, EKG, blood pressure, and breathing.

Once the IV medication is administered, you will completely relax and dental treatment can proceed in a safe, warm, anxiety-free environment, without pain or trauma.

Your vital signs will be continually monitored to ensure that you are safe and relaxed throughout the dental procedure. You will be awake and responsive during your treatment, but in a deep state of relaxation and will have little or no memory of the procedure.

It is important to remember that not all dentists can administer IV Sedation. To properly administer sedation intravenously, dentists are expected to successfully complete formal training. Only dentists who have completed an advanced education program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation can become licensed to safely administer IV Sedation.

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