IV Sedation Dentistry Houston TX

Sleep through your next dental appointment!

The latest technology makes dentistry gentler than ever.  Many people are still apprehensive about going to the dentist.  There are a lot of reasons for this that include, past bad dental experiences maybe even as a child, fear of needles, and people that just hate going to the dentist, period.

Whatever your apprehension of dental visits may be, Dr Randy Mitchmore’s sedation dentistry can help and is much more advanced that what other dentists advertise as “sedation or sleep dentistry”.

Good sedation dentistry means you have little or no memory of having any dental work done.  Furthermore, you have minimal if any pain or discomfort.

How does it work?

By taking a prescription medication an hour before your appointment, you will be relaxed by the time you arrive at LifeSmiles in Houston, Texas.  Since you will be sedated, you will need someone to drive you to and from the appointment.  You will be seated in a chair and made comfortable with things like a warm blanket, booties on your feet, memory foam pillows for your neck, back and under your knees.  Sunglasses for the bright lights, noise cancelling headphones and more.

Did you know that we have a menu of levels of sedation?

Some dentists offer what they call sedation by using Nitrous Oxide Gas or pills.  This works for some people but not all or is not adequate for many people that have true anxiety over dental procedures.  The trouble with pills is that you really do not know the effects of the pill until almost an hour after you take it.  If it is not adequate you are just out of luck and you cancel the appointment or the dentist does the work anyway.

Dr Mitchmore is one of the very few prestigious dentists that is licensed and trained to administer sedation both with pills and deeper IV sedation.  This is a key difference that most people do not know about.

What are the signs and benefits of Deep Sedation?

Deep sedation is achieved through the use of an IV administering a sedative directly to your blood stream.  It allows for all levels of sedation from light to moderate to deep.  That is because it produces a produces a profound state of relaxation within minutes and can be controlled very precisely – unlike pills.   It can produce a state of relaxation where most are completely unaware of the dentistry being performed.  Its safety comes from the fact that the sedatives can be given in small increments and your vital signs are monitored just like in a hospital with telemetry that measures your EKG, pulse, heart rate, oxygen level, and breathing.

The benefits include:

•    You in placed in a relaxed state
•    The doctor is able to control the level of sedation very accurately
•    Deep sedation can safely be achieved
•    You have virtually no memory of the appointment
•    It is a superior sedation technique for long appointments
•    It is a superior sedation technique for people with very high fear
•    It works as a moderate anaesthetic to aid pain control
•    It can be used to administer long-lasting medicines for pain control and inflammation for after the procedure

Who can benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

People who have:

•    High fear
•    Past bad dental experiences
•    Difficulty getting numb
•    Bad Gag reflex
•    Sensitive teeth
•    Limited time to complete their dental work
•    Complex dental problems

People who:

•    Hate needles and shots
•    Hate noises, smells and tastes of dental work
•    Are afraid or embarrassed about their teeth

Not all Sedation is the Same!!!!

There is a misconception that all sedation dentistry is the same.  Most of the advertisements you hear on the radio or see in the phone book or especially the internet are for conscious sedation.  These dentists sometimes will even use the terms sleep or snooze that misleads people into believing that they will be asleep during their dental appointment.  The Texas Dental Board will only allow very few dentists to administer deep sedation.  They must have extra extensive rigorous training and clinical experience and provide proof of their skills.  Dr Mitchmore was trained at the exclusive and prestigious Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

At LifeSmiles in Houston Texas we offer light to deep sedation including general Anaesthesia when necessary.  Intravenous Sedation is safer and more predictable than oral sedation alone.  Not only can the level of sedation be controlled much more accurately, the drugs can also be reversed if necessary.  Trying to use oral sedation for deep sedation is just not safe or practical.  There are too many variables such as: what the patient has eaten, how quickly the drug passes through the stomach or intestines, and how quickly the person metabolizes the drugs.  For safety and by Texas State rules, the doctor using oral sedation is usually forced to error on the side of lighter sedation.

We urge you to ask to see your dentist’s license or check with the Texas State Board of Dentistry to see if your dentist is licensed to perform the type of sedation you are looking for. Call Now (713) 592-9300 for a consultation.

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