No More Gagging, Houston!

With Dr. Mitchmore’s Digital Dental Impressions

Gross. Messy. Squishy. Gaggy. Simply put – ICK! That’s what dental impressions used to be. Not anymore! Dr. Mitchmore has just chucked the yuck for clean, easy and far more accurate digital impressions.

Instead of gloopy and inaccurate putty molds, Dr. Mitchmore now takes a digital scan of your bite that creates an intricate 3D image. You can actually see the image of your tooth build on the screen as we scan. It is a great way for you to participate in your care and for us to educate and inform you better. Reviewing the scan together facilitates a discussion of your needs and lets us better understand what you want or need to have done.

Fast and Fantastic

With the Cadent iTero, the only thing that touches your teeth is the tip of a hand-held wand. You don’t have to wait for putty to dry and there is no need for remolding. The digital impression is complete in approximately three to five minutes.

The iTero even lets us prepare for larger cases all at once, creating complex restorative or cosmetic treatment plans. The iTero allows for fabrication of everything from inlays and onlays to veneers and implants. Best of all, your restorations will fit more perfectly and last longer.

iTero digital impressions – just one more way Dr. Mitchmore rocks your dentistry.

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