Not everyone is lucky enough to have straight teeth from the time all of their permanent teeth have grown out. And for those with less than perfect smiles;wire braces have so far been the one and only solution to orthodontically reposition teeth.  Another option has been to cover crooked teeth with porcelain veneers to make them appear straight.   That is until the ingenious and innovative development of Invisalign, It’s the clearer, the more comfortable and the better alternative to getting beautiful, straighter teeth.  Because Dr. Mitchmore does a true orthodontic correction and not just a cosmetic correction if you have dental insurance that covers adult orthodontics you may receive insurance benefits for this cutting edge service.

If you live in the greater Houston, TX area, then you’re in luck because you are close to one of the finest dental professionals in the country that is certified to offer this revolutionary service.  That is trusted dental authority, Dr. Randy Mitchmore at LifeSmiles.

When you put your smile into the capable hands of Dr. Mitchmore and his team, you’ll come out with more confidence and satisfaction as well as straighter, brighter, and healthier teeth. So don’t wait any longer and take this opportunity to say goodbye to your crooked smile forever.

What is Invisalign and how does it work?

Whenever you think about someone getting their teeth straightened the first image that pops into your head would be unsightly metal braces, which are often associated with pain and discomfort. But thanks to a recent development in dental and orthodontic care, that has all changed.

Invisalign is the new and improved method of teeth straightening using what you would basically call “invisible braces”. These invisible braces are transparent custom made teeth aligners produced from smooth,comfortable and flexible plastic that slowly but surely corrects the alignment of your teeth. They work just like braces in that this is a true orthodontic correction – not a purely cosmetic correction but are more comfortable and undetectable by other people. You simply wear them over your teeth for a period of a few months or however long it takes for you to achieve your desired smile. Every six weeks you are given a new set of aligners that will continue to shift your teeth into their rightful place.  Here is the fantastic part:  Invisalign can orthodontically move the teeth almost three times faster than wire braces!

There are four areas where Dr Mitchmore stands out from other dentists that may say they do Invisalign.  First, he uses a special 3-D camera to scan your teeth instead of the typical icky, gooey, smelly, gaggy impressions!  Not only is that more comfortable for you, the technical accuracy allows for a superior fit of the aligners.  The technical accuracy is like the difference between the analog world and the digital world.  Speaking of digital, the necessary x-rays of the roots of your teeth are done digitally as well as the photographs.

After all of the digital records are obtained a 3-D image is made of your teeth.  Dr Mitchmore then works closely with the Invisaligncompany to personally design your new smile using CAD/CAM technology.  From that design process a 3-D video is produced showing how your teeth look now and how they will look after Invisalign treatment.

The second very key difference is that Dr Mitchmore does not stop with creating just straight teeth, he uses Invisalign to correct bite problems.  He finds that bite problems are the leading cause of dentally related headaches, gum recession, and many times root canals that could have been avoided.

The third key difference is that you will not be nickled and dimed to death.  Dr Mitchmore does not charge extra if revisions to the design are wanted or for your first retainer!

The fourth difference is that Dr Mitchmore is one of the few dentists in the world that actually traveled and trained at his expense in the factory that makes the aligners in Costa Rica.  He has firsthand knowledge of the manufacturing process and knows how to use and is certified to use the latest generation of aligner material called Smart Track.  Smart Track has only recently been introduced and is more flexible than the Invisalign material that other dentists have used.  This is the real secret to making the orthodontic correction happen so fast, predictably and comfortably.  The material literally gives your tooth a 3-D hug and can move it in any direction that Dr Mitchmore designs.  That is different from a wire brace that is bonded the just the front of the tooth.

Since its release in early 2000, there have been over one million patients who have either completed or are currently undergoing treatments with an overwhelming percentage that claims Invisalign is as efficient as braces but without all the unnecessary displeasures.    

Advantages and Disadvantages of Invisalign

There are many wonderful advantages to using this innovative invisible orthodontic treatment. First and foremost there are the cosmetic advantages. When you wear Invisalign you don’t have to worry about the overbearing presence of metal in your mouth that’s displayed for all to see every time you smile, laugh, eat or talk. You can go about your days normally and not have to be worry about what other people might think or say. And unlike braces, Invisalign is thinner and smoother which doesn’t result in a protruding mouth or lips.

Other advantages of Invisalign are:

  • There are no limitations as to what kinds of foods  you can eat, this includes chips, popcorn, nuts, corn on the cob and the like
  • These aligners are removable when you need or want them out, e.g. when cleaning your teeth, eating something, or taking pictures
  • Invisible teeth straightening so no one has to know you’re undergoing treatments
  • Less frequent visits to the dentist/orthodontist which gives you more freedom with your schedules
  • Smooth and comfortable plastic that won’t irritate or scratch your cheeks and gums which often results in painful infections and blisters
  • Improved periodontal healthcare; since the aligners are removable this allows you to floss and brush your teeth more efficiently
  • Does not interfere with special occasions since you can easily take them out and put them back in later
  • Better looking self photos, no more “metal mouth”
  • Using Invisalign can shave months and even years off the straightening process; some cases have shown completion in as little as 12-18 months while traditional braces usually take a minimum of 36-48 months
  • Minimizes embarrassment and any teasing from others, e.g. school kids, relatives, co-workers, or boy/girlfriends
  • Here is the big one:  Dr Mitchmore has a way of doubling the use of your aligners as bleaching trays.  You can literally whiten your teeth at the same time and save a lot of money!
  • A number of his patients have actually lost significant weight during the process – ask us how!
  • Your teeth are much, much easier to clean with Invisalign as compared to wire braces.  This is healthier for your gums.
  • And many more

While there are plenty of great reasons to get Invisalign, here are a few things you might want to consider before doing so.

  • If all of your teeth aren’t fully erupted or above the gum line then this procedure may not work well for you
  • There are limitations to its effectiveness for severely crowded teeth, in which case traditional braces might be more suitable
  • You’re accountable for your results since you control how often and how long the aligners are in your mouth, minimal requirement is for 20-22 hours a day
  • Since the aligners have to be custom made, it could be a little more expensive than conventional braces

Average Cost of Invisalign

The average cost of Invisalignin the U.S. can range from $4,000 to $8,000 for the entire treatment which includes all the custom made aligners for a set period of time. This cost doesn’t differentiate much from conventional braces when you put the two side by side. When you include patients from all around the globe, the international average is about $5,900.

But unlike braces, these invisible aligners are custom made and can be more costly depending on the severity of your teeth’s case and how adherent  you are with keeping the aligners in your mouth the required number of hours per day.The length of time that it takes to correct your teeth is also dependent on the severity of the correction needed. Some very minor corrections may take as few as five aligners and only ten weeks of time.  Some major corrections can take over 26 aligners and two years of time.  There is everything in between.  The fee that you will pay is simply determined by what you need.  Therefore a blanket one size fits all fee is not given.  Dr. Mitchmore believes that if you do not need a lengthy correction you should not be charged full fee!   You can also check with your insurance to see if they cover any part of the procedure.

Being one of the best dental healthcare providers in Texas, Dr. Randy Mitchmore will work with you on getting that perfect, straight smile you’ve always wanted by using the most advanced and comfortable wire brace alternative available. When it comes to choosing between conventional metal braces and Invisalign, the choice is clear. Literally.



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