Interesting LifeSmiles Facts Questions

  1. Who received the first Dental Implant at LifeSmiles?

    Dr Mitchmore’s father, David, in 1986

  2. When was LifeSmiles founded?


  3. How many locations has LifeSmiles had?

    Two in Cleveland and Two in Houston

  4. How many Jobs does LifeSmiles create?

    Directly 7  Indirectly by contracts:  There are at least 7 – Accounting, bookkeeping, computer support, janitorial, marketing, landscape, pool.   There are an additional 10 like lab techs and suppliers.  It is an impressive number.

  5. Why is the front door handle at LifeSmiles covered in solid Gold Leaf?

    To represent quality, value, rarity, and long lasting work and relationships.

  6. What is “The Gift of a LifeSmile”?

    The feeling that a person receives by being treated with care, compassion, non-judgement, freedom of embarrassement from a bad smile, freedom to smile with confidence, let your inner self out and self confidence.  Anything you want it to mean that is a result of your experience at LifeSmiles.

  7. Who is Brutus?

    The Smart car that is wrapped  out front.

  8. What unusual Hobby did Dr Mitchmore have near Romayor, Texas?

    A Blueberry Farm.

  9. What International Charity did Dr Mitchmore serve as The Chairman of the Board for 2 years?

    The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation. The main program is Give Back A Smile to help survivors of domestic and sexual violence with damaged smiles from abuse.

  10. What was Dr Mitchmore’s original career path at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas?

    Methodist Minister

  11. Dr Mitchmore’s parents and grandparents operated a Sexually Oriented business. What was it?

      C&D Distributing (Cecil and David).  They sold condoms out of vending machines when it was considered a very socially unacceptable thing.

  12. What task did the Texas Legislature appoint Dr Mitchmore to?

    Vice-Chairman of the newly formed Montrose Management District.

  13. What cities have officially declared a Dr Randy Mitchmore Day?

    Houston in 2014 and Cleveland, Texas in 1991

  14. There are over 3,000 General Dentists in Houston. How many besides Dr Mitchmore are licensed and certified to administer IV Sedation.  THE most effective form of sedation?


  15. What technology at LifeSmiles makes bloodless Dental Implant Surgery possible?

    3-D Cone Beam X-ray

  16. What technology at LifeSmiles makes bone grafting for implants heal 50% faster?

    PRP  Platelet Rich Plasma.  Platelets are extracted form a tube of your blood like have a blood test done.

  17. What service at LifeSmiles is used to eliminate fine lines, scars, and pores on your face making it look younger and smoother?

    MicroNeedling with PRP

  18. What University do the college interns at LifeSmiles attend?

    University of St Thomas

  19. How many children does Dr Mitchmore have?

    One daughter, Emily.  A teacher in Lubbock, Texas.

  20. What country did Dr Mitchmore Bungi jump from a high wooden bridge?

    New Zealand at the site of the origin of Bungi Jumping –  Kawarau Bridge.

  21. What year was LifeSmiles founded?


  22. How old was Dr Mitchmore when he received his 1st Doctorate Degree? Barely 24. 

    That is because he finished both college and dental school a year early.

  23. What year was the current LifeSmiles office occupied?


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