I Will Forever Be Grateful for the Care Or The Cinderella Story of Dentistry

Sadly, there are many adults that have had such bad dental experiences they begin to neglect their own dental health.  The thinking is why pay to go somewhere to be misunderstood, mistreated, made to feel bad about my situation, be lectured to and have bad service.  It would be less painful to just let things go.

It seems that too many dentists and their staffs treat people with serious dental problems as second class citizens.  That is why I call this The Cinderella Story.  Many people get dealt a bad deck of cards and things happen in their life that makes having perfectly cared for teeth they very last thing they can worry with at the time.  So when some dental emergency or unbearable pain forces them to go to the dentist they are embarrassed and “shamed” for “letting this happen”.    They are not made to feel as welcome as someone that is wanting to have elective glamorous procedures done or is a “mover and a shaker” in the community.  They are really worthy and beautiful people inside.  It is just their plot in life for a time got them in a dental quagmire.  They have to escape the dental world that they are trapped in and be liberated by a dentist that can see the inner beauty of what can be.

The featured dental case this month is such a story.  It really does not matter what the exact diagnosis was or all that was done for my patient, “Tim”.  Just know that it involved the loss of some teeth, loss of infection and the loss of dental phobia.  What was gained was a very handsome smile, some dental implants, very comfortable procedures made possible with IV Sedation, and a raving fan of LifeSmiles.

The story cannot be better told than to read what the patient had to say in his review of LifeSmiles and Dr Mitchmore:

I arrived at Dr. Mitchmore’s office in November 2011 with extreme apprehension.  As an adult, my previous experience with dentists and their staffs was poor.  As a result, I neglected my dental health to the point of losing teeth and developing infection.
Upon arrival, I was greeted warmly and assured that Dr. Mitchmore and all the LIFESMILES staff was there not only repair my dental problems, but also would look after my emotional well being in the process.  They sure delivered on that promise.

After my initial consultation, it was determined that I was in need of a series of procedures that would restore my dental health.  Dr. Mitchmore and his staff clearly explained everything that would need to be done and the options I had.  They developed an efficient, comprehensive plan for my care.  Anytime a decision regarding my care plan had to be made, I always felt that I left each appointment well informed and comfortable with the decisions that were made. Dr. Mitchmore’s deliberate and thoughtful approach resulted in great success!

Today, I am healthy and my smile is bigger and brighter than ever. I will forever be grateful for the care, comfort and kindness that Dr. Mitchmore and his staff have shown me.

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