Being nervous about going to the dentist isn’t anything to be ashamed of. I understand it myself! It is why I have made sure to offer a full range of sedation options. If you are just a little bit uncomfortable or stressed, you might want to relax with the euphoric lift of “laughing gas.” For more nervous patients, I also offer conscious sedation with a prescribed medication. And, because I understand the need for complete relaxation during a dental treatment, I have undergone the extensive training required to become licensed in IV sedation. IV sedation is the answer for so many patients who can’t sit in the dental chair for long periods, have extreme fear of the dentist or need multiple procedures or dental surgery. And those are just a few of the reasons. Every person has a different need and I tailor your sedation to meet those needs. Of course we will never make you feel silly or wimpy because of your fears. Some of my favorite patients even need sedation for a cleaning! We also go out of our way to make you feel at home and a little bit pampered with a glass of wine, a cozy blanket and some soothing music. Then just close your eyes and drift away while we take care of your precious smile. For more information about how sedation can change the way you experience Houston dentistry, call me, Dr. Randy Mitchmore at 713- 592-9300, or visit the Life Smiles Website at .

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