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All dentists want their patient to like them and come again. All patients want to like their dentist, but hope they never have to come again. Talk about different agendas!

Dentists are trained to help patients prevent dental disease wherever possible and treat dental conditions as early as possible, yet their practices are often based on treating long-standing disease and conditions or repairing breakdown that has been left unattended for some time. These last two approaches to dental care are the most costly for the patient, yet provide the bulk of income for almost every dental practice. In a perfect world, patients assume responsibility for themselves. They don’t remove bottle caps or drag 18-wheelers with their teeth. They eat healthy foods and avoid Sugar Daddies, Mountain Dew, and foods that contribute directly to tooth decay. They regularly clean their teeth. They seek the advice and care of a dentist to avoid problems and address conditions before they become costly and catastrophic. They demand preventative care such as cleanings, x-rays, sealants, and rinses. But it isn’t a perfect world. Too often, patients avoid or delay care, resulting in more serious conditions with the most costly and extreme solutions. On top of that, many people who have not sought care are embarrassed to have a dentist see the dire straits in which they find themselves. Pain, shame, fear, financial limitations, embarrassment—all powerful factors which must be recognized, addressed, and handled gently by the dentist who is asked to help a patient in distress.

Very special circumstances require a very special dentist—one who is highly competent as a clinician and also highly competent as a human being. This combination is rare, but Dr. Randy Mitchmore is the finest example on both fronts. In this book, you will read story after story of ordinary people whose lives he has touched in a meaningful way. And, you will learn of his struggles and what he did to overcome the challenges of life. These experiences have made him the human being and, therefore, the dentist, he is today. As a father, partner, public servant, professional clinician, and humanitarian, Dr. Mitchmore is a role model for his peers. He is admired by many and respected by all. I’m sure you will enjoy reading about him and his journey. May it inspire you in your own life.

~SANDY ROTH, Owner of ProSynergy, consultant to the dental profes- sion, especially in communication and organization, former Philadelphia police officer transformed to a Master Teacher,

Dr. Mitchmore has done a wonderful job of showing his passion for the profes- sion he loves. It is this passion that drives him to be in the top 3 percent of dentists. He has exposed several truths about dentistry. This is a must read for anyone who values their dental health.

~BILL BLATCHFORD, dds,  coach, speaker, and author

Dr. Randy Mitchmore’s passion and compassion are omnipresent throughout this book. He generously shares information about dentistry that every consumer should know.
More importantly, he weaves the journey of patients’ and his own indi- vidual story to bring authenticity to a journey of discovery and how to reach the dream of greater confidence, better performance, and reaching your own personal dreams. I highly recommend this book to anyone who seeks learn about the finest that dentistry can provide.

~HUGH FLAX, dds,  aaacd, ficoi, President 2010-2011, American
Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Randy Mitchmore’s new book, The Gift of a Life Smile, is outstanding. It shows patients how to select dentists who provide outstanding dentistry in a caring environment. In addition, the book gives dentists the information needed to build relationship-driven practices that provide this exceptional care and are professionally fulfilling to lead.
All of this is wrapped around Randy’s personal and extremely unique story. I’m thrilled to be part of Randy’s journey as one of his teachers and colleagues. You must read The Gift of a Life Smile. It will be a glorious gift for you to enhance your health, well-being and happiness or your dental practice.

~DR. ARUN K. GARG, Founder and CEO of Implant Seminars, President of the International Dental Implant Association


Everyone Deserves Healthy Gums and a Healthy Smile… Now is the Time for Yours!

Simply Fill Out the Form to the Right to Schedule Your Meet and Greet With Dr. Mitchmore Today!

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