He originally wanted his teeth straightened. We began the process with Invisalign – invisible braces. We used Invisalign to correct the way the upper two front teeth tilted inward so badly.

This handsome young man unfortunately was mugged. It left fracture lines in many of his upper front teeth. He became terrified that his teeth were going to break off.

We came up with a beautiful solution using ultra conservative bonding that required no anesthetic. We also used the laser to correct the uneven gum lines on the upper front teeth.

Not a day goes by that he does not receive a compliment on his beautiful smile. It has truly transformed this man’s life and boosted his self-esteem and self-confidence.


This man had broken his front tooth many years ago and it was repaired with an early generation of bonding. He recently broke it again. Although we could have enhanced the smile with bonding or veneers for all of the front teeth, his goals were more simple. He just wanted the front tooth fixed. We listened! Using no anesthetic, the old bonding was removed.  The tooth was freshened up and a very conservative new generation of bonding was placed for an exceptionally nice result.




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