Houston’s Choice for Full and Partial Dentures

A Natural Dental Appearance

Custom Fit Tooth Replacements

Replace your teeth. Restore your confidence.

Do you feel that you lost your zest for life at just about the same time you lost your teeth? Does the worry about loose dentures make you avoid social situations? Do you find it hard to eat your favorite foods? Are your dentures so uncomfortable, you’d rather leave them on the nightstand?

Secure, attractive dentures.

Forget old fashioned dentures and try ours – our dentures do more than replace the teeth. They provide the optimum position for your jaw and bite. The results are attractive, secure dentures that allow you to speak, eat and smile with comfort and confidence. If you are not a candidate for implants, consider our elegantly designed cosmetic dentures and partials. Very few replacement options available live up to the beauty of our natural-looking and natural-feeling full and partial dentures.

A natural appearance.

Our dentures are so beautiful, most people confuse their look for natural teeth. The teeth in our cosmetic dentures have multiple layers of colors and varying degrees of translucency to mimic the natural layers of the tooth. We also design your teeth to have the pleasing irregularities and slight asymmetries that natural teeth have.

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Custom fit.

We carefully fit the dentures for a secure and comfortable custom fit. But security and beauty are not all that make these dentures and partials so special. To produce these dentures, we also carefully measure your ideal, relaxed jaw position, ensuring that your jaw and its muscles remain in harmony. This reduces stress on your jaw, relieves pain and makes you look more youthful and revitalized.

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