Digital X-Rays – Protecting Houston’s Environment While Protecting You!

Digital x-rays are quickly becoming standard in modern dental offices. Why? They are not only more comfortable for Houston patients, they provide a superior image while exposing you – and me! – to about 80% less radiation. Digital x-rays also provide me with flexibility that far surpasses traditional film x-rays. Those old x-rays were generally very small and viewed on a lightbox, while digital x-rays are viewed the size of a computer screen. And because they are digital, we can use the computer to enlarge and enhance the images of your teeth. There is even a greener aspect to digital x-rays: since we do not use chemicals to develop the film, digital x-rays involve fewer dangerous chemicals to harm the environment and less paper waste. Talk to me, Dr. Randy Mitchmore, about how our digital dental x-rays can help both your health and your environment by calling 713- 592-9300, or visit the Life Smiles Website at .

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