Fillers as part of the solution to The Causes of the Aging Face

Here are the Facts of Life with the aging process of the face: It is a reduction process versus a building up process of childhood. Here are the things that reduce:

  • The cells or building blocks of the skin and the layers under the skin slow down
  • The Cellular DNA repair capacity is reduced
  • Hormones reduce
  • Oxidative Stresses
  • Gene Mutations
  • Loss of Subcutaneous (below the skin surface) fat – this is like the stuffing in a pillow that makes it look full and fresh. Take some of the stuffing out and the pillow looks old or worn
  • Muscle tone
  • Bone remodeling/reduction
  • Possible loss of teeth
  • Loss of volume of the lips
  • Deep lines around the face and nose from loss of underlying support


The cherubic look of full, lively cheeks are actually thanks in part to a natural pad of fat that sits below the surface. This pad consists of naturally occurring collagen and other substances, and gives our faces much needed tone and texture, as well as the plump fullness that we’ve come to appreciate in the beauty of youth.

Here is Janie at our office with just one treatment of fillers for her cheeks:


As time goes on, however, the pad loses its elasticity, and will literally begin to melt and slide down the face. The appearance of sunken skin, tired eyes, and even creases that occur near the mouth are all thanks to a weakening of this pad, and its ability to stand up to gravity.

The solution? Dermal fillers. Dr. Mitchmore is proud to announce that LifeSmiles can offer the best filler services and solutions for patients in Montrose, Texas.

Our Fillers include:


An important structural protein that’s responsible for providing strength and structure in the body, particularly in the face. Collagen keeps tissue pliable, and vital. It can be found virtually everywhere inside of your body, accounting for roughly 1/4th or more of your entire body’s protein.


Calcium hydroxylapatite is a substance that is found naturally in our bones, and can be used to fill in creases, frown lines, and more. It’s also useful for adding fullness to the cheeks, providing a more natural, rounder look that often is associated with a youthful appearance.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Also referred to as PRP, platelet rich plasma is an enhanced version of the plasma already present in your body. With a concentrated platelets and growth factors, PRP has the ability to promote the growth of natural collagen, smooth away and tighten wrinkles in the face, and work to recover facial tone.


Hyaluronic Acids:

A popular choice for replacing the skin’s structure and volume to correct wrinkles and folds. When injected under the skin, fillers attract and bind water to provide skin with volume.

Dermal Fillers

Dr. Mitchmore continues to make advances, perform important research on fillers, and look into new and exciting ways to provide patients with the rejuvenation that their skin needs. If you have any questions about brand new dermal filler breakthroughs, technologies, and products, we encourage you to contact our offices and learn more about how we’re improving our services.

Bring Your Smile Back

With our Fillers, we can provide patients in Houston, TX with a new way to lift their cheeks, add volume, and get rid of the dragged down look that’s associated with a loss of collagen in the face. Our innovative approach to using fillers can target the cheeks, lines around the mouth, and even creases in the folds that run between the nose and mouth area.

Dr. Mitchmore’s expertise and training in the use of these cosmetic products is just one of the many exciting ways that we’re bringing our patients new ways to smile. Contact our offices today to learn more.

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