Dentures  Aren’t  Just  for  Grandma in the  Digital  World

Montrose Star interviews trusted dental authority Dr Randy Mitchmore from his Montrose practice called LifeSmiles.

M.S.  I remember my Grand Father scaring all of the grandkids by taking his teeth out.  I was fascinated by that.  But now, I know some people my age with Dentures.  What’s up with that?

Dr M.   I have a no fault/no guilt practice.  For a large number of reasons and life circumstances, today I see a large number of young to middle age adults that must have all of their teeth taken out and the best option at this time because of financial limitations, are dentures.  I never lecture people, I just take you the way you are and move forward.

In the past being a denture wearer meant that you were considered the step child of dentistry, a failure, and less that a whole person, a dental cripple.  Some people have felt shame or embarrassment because they wear dentures.

I believe denture wearers deserve the same fine care and respect as someone with perfect teeth.

M.S. What has changed ?

Dr M We finally have a technology breakthrough in making digital CAD/CAM AvaDentdentures!  Ava means birth, Dent means teeth.  AvaDent means the rebirth of your smile.  There has never been anything like this before.  Avadent takes digital records of your jaws, face and bite and creates a virtual denture right on the computer.  It even makes little ridges in the palate just like yours and texture to the gum part of the denture.  Nothing has ever felt and looked so real.  Typical dentures take 5 appointments to make.  Avadent only takes two appointments.  One to make the records and the second to give you the final result.

MS How can you do that? 

DrM Using digital records, the denture is designed on a computer simulation of your jaws and bite.  Then the denture is milled out of a solid block using Rapid Prototyping technology.  Unlike traditional dentures there is not shrinkage so you get a great fit.  This is not out of the old porous material that could give that horrible denture smell/breath.  Avadent is also more bacteria resistant.  That is how you can get that youthful feel back again and natural look that you thought were gone forever.

Because the records are all digital, if you lose or break a denture, a new one can be reproduced with the push of a button!  I like that they are American made.

At LifeSmiles, you are welcome to come by for a complimentary assessment to see if AvaDent just might give you a virtual smile back!

Dr Mitchmore is active in the community.  He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Monstrose District.  His passion is Dentistry.  He has also been a City Councilman and Chairman of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Charitable Foundation, Give Back A Smile.  The foundation helps survivors of intimate partner abuse regain their smile.

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