Houston’s Smile Straightening Choice

ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

Do you have a shy smile?  Do you wish you could smile without hiding your crooked, overlapped or gapped teeth? LifeSmiles is pleased to announce a solution that is effective, effortless and local. That’s right – local!

Manufactured right here in Houston, ClearCorrect offers our patients an alternative to both traditional braces and to Invisalign®. There are no wires or brackets, just comfortable, convenient aligners that won’t ever scratch and scrape the way metal braces can.

Just as with Invisalign clear braces, ClearCorrect aligners move your teeth a little bit at a time until they reach their perfect position. You will receive your ClearCorrect in sets of aligners and you only need periodic check-ups to monitor your progress.

ClearCorrect invisible braces can be removed for cleaning your teeth and for eating, but even when you are wearing them, they are so comfortable you may forget they are there.

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Best of all, you can keep smiling and enjoying life while your ClearCorrect aligners are at work because they are one of the clearest straightening solutions available!

With ClearCorrect, it’s easy to smile your way to perfection.

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