Charlene Dykman

Charlene is a professor at The University of St. Thomas. Each school year she teaches in front of hundreds of college students. Her reputation among her peers and her pupils is beyond compare. Even so, there was something that kept Charlene from even deeper engagement during her class lectures. She didn’t smile as often or as wide as she knew she wanted because she was self-conscious about her teeth.

Not all work a dentist does can last a lifetime. In Charlene’s case, she had two crowns on front teeth done many years earlier. Let’s just say that Charlene had fared far better over the years than those two crowns….

Charlene came to see me about replacing them. What we quickly discovered, though, was she’d have two new beautiful front teeth that wouldn’t match the rest of her smile – so basically she’d be right back where she started. The right thing to do – and Charlene concurred after subjectively analyzing photos that we made of her own teeth and smile– was to correct all the issues of her front teeth that showed when she smiled. She also discovered, as she had already suspected, her bad bite was largely to blame for the premature breakdown of the front teeth. So her treatment plan involved orthodontic repositioning of the teeth to eliminate the deep overbite and porcelain veneers to correct the damaged teeth.

Many of my patients travel as part of their profession, so I often have to work within constrained schedules. That was the case with Charlene. I would have only five weeks from her first visit until a planned departure for a twelve month sabbatical that would have her traveling to European cities such as London, Southampton, St.
Petersburg, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Antwerp. Sacrifices of time for both Charlene and myself came into play, but we found ways to mesh our schedules and a clever way for her to get what she wanted. We made the porcelain veneers first then immediately delivered the Invisalign® aligners. That way she got the impact of a beautiful smile in time for her trip and is doing the orthodontic phase while traveling.

Charlene began her sabbatical with a spectacular new smile. During her trip she sent a message, along with some photos:

“I am having the time of my life and I thought you would enjoy seeing some photos of my smiling face along the way! I am delighted with my new smile – you have transformed my life in many ways with this change!”

There’s more transformation to come. Charlene can’t wait to get back up in front of a packed lecture hall to face all those students with her new smile.

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