Celebrity Patient Teaches Gratitude

Patients are always teaching me lessons and recently I learned the true meaning behind Valentine’s Day, gratitude. It’s so easy for people in bad relationships or people that just can’t find the right partner to begrudge and hate what should be a meaningful holiday to them. Had it not been for this patient I wouldn’t have learned the meaning of this holiday myself.

So I’d like to share with you the lesson he taught me and rest of the LifeSmiles Team. I can describe him as one of the most intuitive persons I have ever encountered. This patient asked me not to reveal his identty but I can tell you he’s the 21st century version of the motivational speaker Tony Robbins. He is an internationally well-known speaker with a wide following. As is typical with many of the larger dental projects we do, there areseveral months of preparation and lab steps that lead up to the final “reveal” of the finished smile. Sometimes, it is not changing the smile as much as it is correcting a bad bite or redoing sub (LifeSmiles) standards dental work. It might be relieving some pain or getting something “just right.”


We have some very discriminating patients! The final check and polish day is really a time to celebrate a job well done and get some photos and hugs. It is quite common to exchange some little tokens of appreciation.This particular patient took a different twist on the occasion. At the end of his last appointment he took me to the side and expressed his sincere gratitude and how we had listened to his concerns in the beginning. Unlike the previous dentists he had seen. Then we crafted a solution that addressed what he wanted and gave him the utmost is customer service in a professional and caring way.

He asked me to secretly do something for the entire team to show his gratitude as he was off to Australia the next day for a monthof engagements. He knew that The LifeSmiles Mental Floss Tour was coming up and asked if I would figure out something special for everyone. Here is a picture of just one of the “special somethings”. Quite a lesson in expressing gratitude and humble and unassuming authenticity.

Many Thanks My Friend.

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