Cathy’s story

Harris, Cathy 006Sometimes life deals us what we may think is an unfair hand.  Being a woman of faith, I believe that all things happen for a reason, but it’s my faith in God that helps me get through.  That being said, most of my life, I’ve been healthy without too many concerns, blessed in many ways and thankful.  Approximately two years ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease.  This disease has definitely taken its toll on me and although I have prayed a lot, I honestly have had a hard time with my Graves.  Everything about you changes with Graves Disease including your face.   I always say that there are many other people who deal with much more than I do, but people tell me it’s ok to grieve this disease.

Another health issue that I’ve dealt with all my life is poor dental health.  I’ve had some form of denture for 41 of my 58 years, most recently, a 6 tooth upper bridge with a partial attached for all but one of my upper teeth.   I can honestly say that in all my years, I’ve never had a good dental experience and because of this, I did not follow a good dental plan always fearing to see the dentist.

One morning, I was brushing my teeth and “clink”, my bridge hits the sink!!!!!! This thing had been cemented in for more than 10 years!! I’ve never seen myself without front teeth and  the shock and horror that was looking back at me in the mirror that morning was more than I could take.  It wasn’t enough to deal with Graves, now my teeth had fallen out!!!  Not only had my teeth fallen out, but underneath that bridge was decay beyond repair and I was scheduled to go into the hospital for a thyroidectomy in the next few days!  I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide, from my husband, family, co-workers and anyone I would ever come into contact with again. This was unimaginable devastation. I cried like a baby and did just that….hid.

Once I gained control of myself, I searched the Internet and googled “Best dentist in Houston” and there he was…. Dr. Randy Mitchmore.   I read all about him and called his office.   It must have been fate, because the nice lady on the other end of the phone told me that the office was closed on Friday but they were doing some remodeling and the staff was there packing and cleaning.  “Janie” could hear how embarrassed and overwhelmed I was and was so kind and caring.   She said if I didn’t mind that they weren’t open or professionally dressed, she would certainly like to help me out and to come on in.

When I got there I will say, I was beside myself, but Janie and Dr. Mitchmore’s staff put my mind at ease and placed my bridge back in temporarily.  We spoke at length about my dental history and possible options, took x-rays, pictures and prepared me to meet Dr. Mitchmore once my surgery was completed.  I was deathly afraid that my bridge would come out while getting anesthesia during my surgery but Janie assured me that if it did, she would personally come to the hospital and help me.   Who does that in this day and time??!!  I have never met such caring, professional, detail oriented dental office staff in my life!

As it turned out, Janie did a great job because my bridge didn’t come out during surgery but knowing I could count on Dr. Mitchmore’s staff eased my mind tremendously and that was only the beginning…

So now it’s my return visit to meet Dr. Mitchmore.  My first instinct about Dr. Mitchmore was how kind he was and what a genuinely compassionate human being he is.  You know from the moment you meet him that he cares.  He is gracious and understanding,  generous and patient.  He is warm, talented and passionate for his craft.  His chair-side manner is unequaled and in my opinion his skill unsurpassed by any other dentist.

My current dental plan is vast and includes full upper implants, lower braces, extractions, etc.  I’m on phase one to restore my mouth to better health.  I now have temporary teeth on my new implants and I cant even begin to describe what it feels like to not have to put a metal partial into my mouth every day the sun comes up!!!  Even my temporary teeth have made such a positive change in my life.   I cant wait to see the final results!!!

As extremely nervous as I was to get started, Dr. Mitchmore and his staff have totally changed my view point about seeing the dentist.  I no longer fear my appointments and have definitely found “my” dentist.   Thank you so much to Dr. Mitchmore and his fantastic team for being the best dental team in Houston!  God bless you all!

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