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Greetings Dr. Randy,


As usual I am derelict in expressing my profound gratitude for ALL of your help!  One reason I am so late is that I have been running all around and about without having to worry when my next decayed crown was going to fall off(usually friday afternoons right?) without final remedy except extraction.  I literally don’t know what I would have done without you…but I know it would not have been pretty.  Now it is PRETTY… beyond my wildest expectations!


Thirty-five years of bruxism, grinding and thousands of dollars a year repairing crowns had left me without options..or so I thought…and then you came into my life and made that impossibility a reality.  Now I can eat almost anything I want, can talk without mumbling(mostly<g>) and actually have had people tell me for the first time in my life that I had a pretty smile!  You are definitely a role model in the smiling department as one can’t go into your office without catching your infectious smile!  For those who have visited LifeSmiles it is obvious that smiling and caring IS a job requirement.  The staff is so friendly and happy you just want to put them in a bag(a reallly BIG bag) and take them home with you.  Alas you can only take a cookie or a cupcake…(as long as you brush afterwards!).


That the entire staff of LifeSmiles is so competent and wonderful is a testament to you.  I think few people know what a great teacher you are!  I have watched many people in my career trying to teach others to do something and failing.  You always take the time to show your staff how to do something better and then turn it over to them again…never berating them…. always praising them even if they don’t do it right the first time.  That is the formula for making people want to be better!


So thank you again Dr. Randy!  I can’t wait to come back for my checkup and to see you and the gang again!






Regards always,


Pat Emmons


Case of the Month:  Worrying About the Next Crown Rotting and Falling Off Implants and Prettau Bridge 2015


Pat first came to Dr Mitchmore NINE years ago with his dental problems.  He had had a LOT of dentistry done over the years for seemingly endless expensive dental problems.  At that time he was just not in a position to make a decision that felt right for him between investing more money in more crowns or removing the teeth and going to implants.  Plus the crowns that he had done in the past just did not look very good.  So he did what most people do when the options just don’t seem right – he did nothing.


Fast forward nine years and the problems became more serious and truly were impacting his daily life in terms of embarrassment, pain, emergency dental problems, inconvenient time and time away from work, much less the money.  This time around he had made the decision that felt right to him.  That was to remove all of the teeth – virtually every one of them had crowns and root canals and were brittle, decayed, and yellowed.  He wanted to move forward with dental implants and a very long lasting bridge.


The real pain was revealed when Pat said, “Every time we go on vacation and have a photo made, I always turn my back to the camera like I am looking at the landscape because I am so embarrassed about my smile.”  That hurts!


Now read what Pat has to say about his experience and see the photos of his new look:


(Attachment of Pat Emmons testimonial about Implants and Prettau Bridge with before and after photos)

Mitchmore Montrose Star

So many people are simply afraid of the dentist. No matter what their reasons are the simple fact is the longer they let their fear get the best of them, the worse their dental problems can get. If you are having apprehension about making that dreaded trip to the dentist, you should know it doesn’t have to be all that horrifying. Don’t take my word for it though. Take it from one of my favorite patients Nune Fernandez…


“So often, we put off doing things that we know are necessary because of fear. Fear of the unknown or maybe fear of being presented with bad news. This is the case with respect to my dental care. I never had a fear of visiting my dentist as a child. It was always a position experience. However, after having a several negative experiences while seeking dental care as an adult, I put off dental maintenance for so long that my dental health reached crisis proportion.It was at this point that I was introduced to Dr. Randy Mitchmore. I arrived at Dr. Mitchmore’s office in November 2011 a very scared person. I KNEW that I had serious problems. I just knew that the news would not be good. I suppose that’s why I procrastinated in seeking help for so long. I guess i was in major denial. But this was not going to repair itself on it’s own. I need help… immediately. I was greeted by Dr. Mitchmore’s staff who had been made aware of my apprehension. They calmed my fears and assured me that I would be alright. Everyone in the office was kind and non-judgemental which has not always been my experience when seeking health care. After a thorough examination using some impressive technology, Dr. Mitchmore explained the magnitude of my dental problems, and it was not good. I had serious oral infection which had lead to severe bone loss. This, in turn, lead to teeth that were loose and that I would eventually lose. I met with Dr. Mitchmore approximately a week after that initial examination to explore the options I had to remedy my situation.   He explained the choices that I had and the pros and cons of each of these choices. After careful consideration, I decided that dental implants would be most appropriate for my needs. My inital surgery involved removing the majority of my teeth and grafting the damaged and infected bone. This was done under full sedation. (I can’t imagine having this much work done without full sedation.) I experienced no discomfort during or after this procedure. After a series a follow-up visits to assess the success of the bone grafts, it was now time to remove the remaining teeth and place the implants. Again, this surgical procedure was performed under full sedation.   I was fitted with temporary full dentures while the implants healed. It is important for me to note that all these procedures were performed by Dr. Mitchmore and his staff with the utmost of kindness and concern not only for my dental health, but also for my emotional wellbeing. You can’t experience something like this without being affected emotionally. Again, after a series of followup visits, Dr.Mitchmore assessed the success of the implant procedure. All was good and the healing process was underway. After several months, it was time to design my new teeth.   Attention was paid to size, shape and color so my smile would appear natural. Could it be that we were finally nearing the end of this project? After a series of “try-ins” during which Dr. Mitchmore painstakingly assessed the fit of my permanent teeth, I was fitted with the final implant crowns. I could not be happier with the finished product. Today, I’m no longer self conscious of smiling for photos. In fact, I’m smiling even bigger than ever. During this process, Dr. Mitchmore recognized additional health challenges I was facing. At his urgence, I sought additonal medical treatment and I’m pleased to say that I’m well on my way to being the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. The emotional sense of well-being that has accompanied my treatment cannot be understated.   For this I will forever be grateful to Dr. Mitchmore. He’s not just my dentist. He’s my friend.”

Asleep At The Wheel Celebrity

Being a celebrity often means setting aside things you want to do for things you have to do. Rick Davis made that decision about his smile.

And he certainly had a good reason. Mr. Davis has been constantly on the go as a singer with the Grammy Award winning Texas Swing band Asleep At The Wheel. And when he wasn’t performing with Asleep At The Wheel, Mr. Davis was back at home in Livingston caring for his elderly mother.

So when the moment came to focus a little bit of attention on himself, Mr. Davis decided it was time for his smile to take center stage. After all, as a performer, he was keenly aware that his appearance was part of what brought people to see Asleep At The Wheel perform.

Mr. Davis had a particular concern that set him apart from many of my patients, though. He was concerned that any major changes made to the shape of his teeth – or how his teeth and lips came together – might affect his singing ability. And when you make your living with your voice, that’s certainly something you don’t want to mess with!

Mr. Davis search for a professional with the expertise to work within those parameters took him from California…all the way to Houston, Texas, where he ultimately selected me to help him with a major dental makeover.

A major corporate dental implant chain had suggested removing all of Mr. Davis’ teeth and putting in all new implants. “I know I need my teeth fixed up,” he said to me, “but that seems pretty drastic.”

It is, and unfortunately this is often the standard approach that corporate dental implant chains take. I shared Mr. Davis’ concern that such a major change really could impact how he sang. We have all heard someone with bad dentures have a lisp or have a whistle when they talk. That has to do with the tip of the tongue making a seal against the teeth. In order to make a good “E” sound the lower teeth have to come ever so close to the edges of the top teeth without banging in to them. A good “F” or “V” sound is the correct position of the top teeth to the lower lip.

I don’t approach things the same way. There is no cookie cutter answer because each person I see is unique. For Mr. Davis the best solution was far less drastic. The perfect solution for him was actually keeping many of his natural teeth and augmenting them with dental implants only where it was truly necessary. I made models of Mr. Davis own teeth and jaws. Then I sculpted the broken down teeth back to original shape. Then using that as my guide, I filled in any areas of missing teeth to follow his original contours.I then made silicone molds of the sculpted teeth. Nevertheless, it was a lot of work – made easier for Mr. Davis by using IV Sedation. Mr. Davis came in for his transformation appointment and was pampered as he slipped into the dental chair with booties on his feet, a cozy blanket, headphones with the kind of music he liked, and we started an IV. A computer monitor was connected to track vital signs for safety. Then I give the sedation drugs that I affectionately referred to as “Hugs and Kisses” and within minutes Mr. Davis was in a state of bliss and we went to work. By the end of the morning the broken down teeth had been restored, implants were placed only were needed, the deep cleaning was done and the new temporary teeth delivered.

The result was a far less invasive treatment plan, which also cost less, as well. Even more importantly, Mr. Davis retained the shape of his mouth…and therefore the uniqueness of his voice. When it was time to reveal his new look that morning, I handed him a mirror and the first words out of his mouth were my favorite, “Wow, I love it!”

The moral to this story, I think, is that what we are given by heredity shapes our lives. I was glad to help Mr. Davis regain a beautiful smile without endangering his livelihood. As many patients do, he wanted to express his gratitude for the transformation in his life. So at one of his follow up appointments he brought his guitar and sang a few songs for us while sitting in the dental chair!


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