Celebrating 40 Years

Dear Friends and Family,

This month Dr. Mitchmore is celebrating 40 years as a dentist and it isn’t a big deal – it’s a HUGE deal! But that isn’t (entirely) the post of this blog post. Yes, forty years in his profession with the level of success he’s had is monumental. However, Dr. Mitchmore and LifeSmiles as you know it today simply does not exist without YOU!

Before we go any further, here’s a brief history on Dr. Mitchmore and LifeSmiles. Once upon a time, Dr. Mitchmore was not a doctor, he was Randy Mitchmore, the youngest of his siblings and a curious child. He was raised by two hard working, god-fearing parents who instilled in him a sense of obligation to serve others. Dr. Mitchmore initially had planned to become a Methodist minister, but life has a peculiar way of letting us know what it thinks about our plans. Ultimately, he went to school to become a Dentist, and earned his D.D.S. from University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston, and started his own practice in Cleveland, Texas.

A lot happened between now and then, but one constant in this journey has been Dr. Mitchmore’s vision for a dental practice that allowed him to serve others with his gifts and talents. The secret to Dr. Mitchmore’s dental practice is no secret at all. In fact, he gives away his secret every day! Empathy, gratitude, and genuine compassion for his patients and people in general are the hallmarks of his personality. This is where you, dear reader, come into the equation.

So how is it that the focus of Dr. Mitchmore’s 40th year as a dentist is about you and not him? Well, the simple truth is that it’s always been about you. It’s challenging to explain why this is the case without sounding like we’re just bragging about Dr. Mitchmore so bare with us.

The relationships we cultivate and keep with others is one of the central motifs of humanity. Since the days of cavemen, building trust and mutually beneficial relationships with others has been the enabling force of cultures and societies worldwide. Dr. Mitchmore’s emphasis on building trusting relationships based on empathy and caring is part of what has allowed him to experience such success. The other part is, of course, you! Without the confidence that our patients have in Dr. Mitchmore to act in their best interest is equally important, if not more so, than all of the training and state-of-the-art technology he has invested in. Without that trust, the relationships with our patients disintegrate and the whole framework falls apart.

We ask you to help us celebrate Dr. Mitchmore’s 40th year in dentistry with us by asking you for a very small favor that would mean the world to us, and especially Dr. Mitchmore. Please spare a few minutes of your time and share with Dr.Mitchmore, the LifeSmiles team, and the world, your experience at LifeSmiles. Without you, none of this is possible. Thank you so much for your trust and friendship all these years!

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Dr. Mitchmore and Andrea

The Gift of a LifeSmile

We change lives.  

We understand if that may sound a little funny to you. If you’re wondering why a little dental office in Houston would make such a bold claim, you wouldn’t be the first.  
However, if you’ve met me or anyone from my team, you know we don’t see what we do as simply dentistry. Though, we’re as experienced and educated on the most innovative technologies in the industry, we don’t see us as another dental office. We see our work as truly transformative.
We believe we change lives because that’s what our patients tell us (we actually call them friend-patients because it’s really more accurate). They tell us how they used to hide when it was time for pictures, and now they smile proud and wide. They cry when they see their once-chipped-tooth fixed forever, because that tooth was a reminder of domestic abuse that occurred decades prior. They laugh because it feels so much better to laugh when you feel good about your smile. When you feel proud of your smile, your life is quite simply–better.
Since we’re in the business of changing lives, we decided to launch the Smiles for Soldiers Campaign. Our objective was to give the gift of a LifeSmile to one very deserving veteran of our armed forces. This gift included a transformative dental implant surgery utilizing the Prettau® Zirconia full-arch bridge. 

After combing through dozens of amazing candidates, we discovered Andrea LeJeune, a veteran of the Air Force, and currently an English teacher at Bellville High School in Sealy, TX. We chose Andrea because not only was she in the military but her 3 sons were also in the military. Another deciding factor was that she gives back DAILY to her underprivileged students.

We’re currently in the process of giving Andrea her smile back. Along with this gift several other amazing civilians have stepped up to support Andrea’s transformation. We’ve partnered with Dress for Success and Salon on Kirby to help with this initiative.  

The best part is you can see all this happen live! Andrea will reveal her new confident self on KPRC Channel 2’s Houston Life segment on January 25th at 1:20pm. This is a once in a lifetime gift for Andrea, and it is sure to change her life. 

Truthfully, as amazing as this gift and moment is for Andrea, we see it happen almost daily at our little dental office. We believe we’re in the business of changing lives and LifeSmiles can help you get the smile of your dreams. 

Are you interested in changing your life for the better?

Houston Life hosts Dr. Randy Mitchmore to learn more about LifeSmiles latest program, Smiles for Soldiers

On Monday, August 14th, KPRC’s Houston Life featured Dr. Mitchmore to dicuss the new programs going on at LifeSmiles. If you’re familiar with Dr. Mitchmore or LifeSmiles you already know they’re committed to giving the gift of a LifeSmile. You may not be familiar with how they go about their mission and why it is so unique. You will also learn about two exciting and rewarding initiatives; Teeth Tomorrow and Smiles for Soldiers. Watch the segment below to learn all about it from our passionate and beloved dentist, Dr. Mitchmore.

Why Smiles for Soldiers?
Have you or a veteran friend/family member overcome a great obstacle, only to find the last hurdle is the first thing people see: the smile? Do you feel like you have a hopeless dental problem and find yourself being embarrassed by the way you look? Many folks with poor teeth typically hide their smile (or refuse to smile at all). It may keep them from having open and genuine relationships. It can be so devastating that the person may become withdrawn or a loner. They may also feel they’re not advancing in their career or even getting a job. We understand this feeling of hopelessness. We hope to offer a solution with the Smiles for Soldiers program.

What is Smiles for Soldiers?

At LifeSmiles, we believe in making people confident with the power of a perfect smile. Smiles for Soldiers is our way of giving back to those who have served our nation. We developed the Smiles for Soldiers program to give one veteran the confidence and security that comes with a LifeSmile. Our hope is to provide permanent, natural looking teeth, custom-made to their specific requirements using the miracle of the Prettau Implant Supported bridge. For more information on this treatment, please visit www.teethtomorrowhoustoncentral.com

Who is eligible?
If you are veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and are missing teeth and feel as if you are missing life because of it, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! We are looking for an adult (18+) who have served in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the National Guard or Reserves. We hope to significantly improve their overall health by eliminating disease and infections in their mouth and becoming pain-free. The search is on to find a veteran that feels held back in life because of the embarrassing appearance of their smile. Please share your compelling story and why you or a veteran should receive this once-in-a-lifetime gift.


Before applying for the Smiles for Soldiers program, please be aware of the following:

  • The application will not qualify if all pages are not completed and the application is not signed and dated.
  • You must have a valid mailing address as all program correspondance will be through mail.
  • Only one submission for each candidate. Multiple applications will be denied.
  • If you have questions, call LifeSmiles at 713.792.9300. The deadline to submit applications is November 30th, 2017.


Greetings Dr. Randy,


As usual I am derelict in expressing my profound gratitude for ALL of your help!  One reason I am so late is that I have been running all around and about without having to worry when my next decayed crown was going to fall off(usually friday afternoons right?) without final remedy except extraction.  I literally don’t know what I would have done without you…but I know it would not have been pretty.  Now it is PRETTY… beyond my wildest expectations!


Thirty-five years of bruxism, grinding and thousands of dollars a year repairing crowns had left me without options..or so I thought…and then you came into my life and made that impossibility a reality.  Now I can eat almost anything I want, can talk without mumbling(mostly<g>) and actually have had people tell me for the first time in my life that I had a pretty smile!  You are definitely a role model in the smiling department as one can’t go into your office without catching your infectious smile!  For those who have visited LifeSmiles it is obvious that smiling and caring IS a job requirement.  The staff is so friendly and happy you just want to put them in a bag(a reallly BIG bag) and take them home with you.  Alas you can only take a cookie or a cupcake…(as long as you brush afterwards!).


That the entire staff of LifeSmiles is so competent and wonderful is a testament to you.  I think few people know what a great teacher you are!  I have watched many people in my career trying to teach others to do something and failing.  You always take the time to show your staff how to do something better and then turn it over to them again…never berating them…. always praising them even if they don’t do it right the first time.  That is the formula for making people want to be better!


So thank you again Dr. Randy!  I can’t wait to come back for my checkup and to see you and the gang again!






Regards always,


Pat Emmons


Case of the Month:  Worrying About the Next Crown Rotting and Falling Off Implants and Prettau Bridge 2015


Pat first came to Dr Mitchmore NINE years ago with his dental problems.  He had had a LOT of dentistry done over the years for seemingly endless expensive dental problems.  At that time he was just not in a position to make a decision that felt right for him between investing more money in more crowns or removing the teeth and going to implants.  Plus the crowns that he had done in the past just did not look very good.  So he did what most people do when the options just don’t seem right – he did nothing.


Fast forward nine years and the problems became more serious and truly were impacting his daily life in terms of embarrassment, pain, emergency dental problems, inconvenient time and time away from work, much less the money.  This time around he had made the decision that felt right to him.  That was to remove all of the teeth – virtually every one of them had crowns and root canals and were brittle, decayed, and yellowed.  He wanted to move forward with dental implants and a very long lasting bridge.


The real pain was revealed when Pat said, “Every time we go on vacation and have a photo made, I always turn my back to the camera like I am looking at the landscape because I am so embarrassed about my smile.”  That hurts!


Now read what Pat has to say about his experience and see the photos of his new look:


(Attachment of Pat Emmons testimonial about Implants and Prettau Bridge with before and after photos)

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