Case History 1 – iTero and Aurum’s Custom Cut Back Empress Veneers
This first case was the first one I did immediately after implementing the Cadent iTero system in my practice. A younger male patient didn’t like his anterior crossbite or the look of his smile at all. After discussing his options with him, he immediately rejected orthodontics, as he didn’t want to take the time to complete the course of treatment. We then discussed and decided on placing 10 upper and 10 lower IPS Empress veneers. I choose IPS Empress (with cutbacks) for the superior esthetic results we could achieve in this instance.

As we began the case, I had done a number of traditional impressions, which never seemed to quite give the reproduction and detail I was seeking to give this patient the ultimate result. The iTero was installed and we were trained so I thought, “let’s try it for the first time with this case”. The results were astounding right out of the gate, from initial “impression” right through to a final placement that was absolutely perfect. The case was both prepped and seated under IV Sedation in record chair time, with zero proximal adjustments.


Preoperative smile


Preoperative right lateral view.

Preoperative left lateral view.



View of upper preparations.

Close-up of new smile.


Restored right lateral view.


Restored left lateral view.

Case History 2 – iTero and Aurum’s Cristal Veneers

In this second case, an older female patient presented to us as “very unhappy with her smile”. As you can see in the preoperative photos, she suffered from a deficient buccal corridor with worn teeth and failing restorations with the result that she really had a smile made up of a patchwork of many different shades. After conducting a thorough dental examination and discussing her wants and needs with her, we decided that 13 Aurum’s Cristal Veneers® offered a solution that was both esthetic and fit within her budget. At this time, she decided to have her upper arch only restored (it was 13 restorations as she was missing one tooth which did not impact on the esthetic result she was seeking). Here again, the results in terms of esthetics, fit and ease of delivery.

It has been my experience that most people choose the whitest shade for their new smiles. This patient and her husband were no exception. They love the new white look and keep telling me she looks 15 years younger. In fact, as I write this, she just had a facelift done and wouldn’t think of having her “portrait” done for our gallery until that was also completed and healed.

I should mention as well that I thought the male patient in our first case history was an exception to that “whitest teeth” rule. He started out saying he “didn’t want them too white”. After final placement, while he thinks the case is beautiful, he now says he wishes “we had made them even whiter”, so perhaps the rule holds after all!


Preoperative smile


Preoperative right lateral view.

Preoperative left lateral view.








Retracted view of preoperative centrals.

Retracted restored right lateral view.









Retracted restored left lateral view.

Close-up of new smile.

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