A White Houston Christmas… Or How Any Holiday can be Brighter with Tooth Whitening!

“I’m dreaming of a white…” Whatever holiday you care to celebrate, it is always better in white – a white smile that is. You know it is true! A white smile looks more festive, more dressed up, healthier and just plain friendlier. It is the perfect accessory even when you are panicking about what to wear for the company party or that benefit dinner everyone is going to. It really is fast and easy to achieve that smile with our Zoom! In-office whitening. Why not schedule a lunch or after work appointment? It doesn’t take any longer than having your hair done and you’ll leave the office with a new look that lasts and lasts. Schedule it now so that when the holidays are suddenly upon you, you’ll be ready to light up a room with your smile – no matter where you are or what you are wearing! For more information about Zoom! Teeth whitening in Houston, call me, Dr. Randy Mitchmore, at 713- 592-9300, or visit the Life Smiles Website, https://www.implantdentistinhouston.com .

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