Everybody likes to get a little “randy” once in a while. It makes us feel young and revitalized. But if you are embarrassed by your smile, you might feel a lot less sexy and romantic than you could. That’s where I like to come in. It really is exciting to watch the amazing transformations cosmetic dentistry can make for Houston Patients. Sometimes all it takes is an in-office whitening to make you feel like kicking up your heels. Other times you may need a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental implants and porcelain veneers to get your smile ready to go. Once your cosmetic dentistry is complete, you’ll feel so good and look so great, your smile may be the only thing you ever wear to bed! For more information about getting a randier smile with cosmetic dentistry from me, Dr. Randy Mitchmore, call 713- 592-9300, or visit the Life Smiles Website at https://www.implantdentistinhouston.com.

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