• Named “Trusted Dental Authority” by the Montrose Star newspaper
  • Master of The Academy of General Dentistry and The American Dental Implant Association.
  • One of the few Houston Dentists certified to give IV Sedation for any dental procedure – from dental cleaning to cosmetic work to implant surgery
  • Over 500 hours of Continuing Education per year to stay cutting edge
  • 3-D digital camera for CAD/CAM dentistry and computerized implant surgery
  • Named one of the “Top Dentists” by the American Registry annually since 2003
  • Respected Dental Author and Lecturer

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At LifeSmiles Houston we take THE responsibility of our clients’ dental care seriously

The theme of Dr. Randy Mitchmore’s practice and title of his first book is “The Gift of a LifeSmile.” Here, Dr. Mitchmore meets patients where they are in life. Through his masterful skills as a dentist, he transforms the lives of patients around the world. He moves beyond traditional, rigid constraints to offer something new, fresh and seemingly effortless. He listens to you unconditionally without judgment and offers his years of experience for your innovative and precisely tailored plan.

At LifeSmiles, Dr. Randy Mitchmore and his highly trained team are passionate about creating exclusive, one-of-a-kind dental experiences in a luxurious and pampering environment. Patients from around the world visit his Houston practice seeking a transformation. Whether you are seeking an exquisitely crafted restoration, total makeover to improve your confidence or you just want to eat, LifeSmiles can help. Achieve the feeling which results from a beautiful, healthy smile uniquely yours.

Dr. Randy Mitchmore finds true delight in helping everyone find their happiness. While incorporating advanced techniques using the latest technologies to make patients’ visits as comfortable as possible, he also understands there is more to dentistry than just a restored smile. He is dedicated to getting to know each of his patients; learning more about what will make them the happiest and giving back to his community.

Dr. Mitchmore provides services in all areas of dentistry. These areas include General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Dental implant surgery, Invisalign clear braces and TMJ Treatment as well.


Dr. Mitchmore has been consistently named one of the

top doctors in the city for 10+ years by Houston’s H Magazine


Cosmetic Dentist giving back to OUR houston community

You will find Dr. Mitchmore serving survivors of intimate partner abuse through the Give Back a Smile program. He has also been appointed by the Texas Legislature to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Montrose Management District.

About Our Services

At LifeSmiles we provide the best dental services in all different areas of dentistry at a reasonable cost for our patients. Conveniently located inside the Loop in Montrose, everyone’s favorite part of Houston with front door parking. We are affordable, experienced, and most importantly local so we understand the needs of people.We invite you to take a more in depth look at the services Dr. Mitchmore and his colleagues can perform for you on a visit to LifeSmiles. Browse our main navigation above to learn more about our practive, our services, the latest industry technology and so much more…

General Dentistry

Oral Hygiene

Yes, that’s right. It is time for your regular dental cleaning and LifeSmiles provides the treatment you need to make sure your teeth sparkle. Getting your teeth cleaned regularly can really help prevent severe issues like gum disease down the road. Our dental hygienist is known for a gentle touch and expertise, making your cleanings something to look forward to, with less pain.

Periodontal Therapy

Healthy gums are an important part of the equation when it comes to making sure your mouth is healthy in general. This is the important foundation that must be healthy so that any dentistry that you have done can look good, feel good, and last a long time. Having unsightly gums can not only be a turnoff; in addition to causing mouth odor, it can also cause major problems if ignored. 85% of the population has some form of periodontal gum disease, but most do not even know it. Do not risk long term damage to your gums when LifeSmiles Houston Texas can help you. Have you ever experience the comfort of either ultrasonic or peizo technology instead of the harsh scraping of teeth?

Dental Exams and Cancer Screening

Studies show that you will save money, time and pain if you have a dental exam each year. LifeSmiles has innovative digital x-ray technology which will help us detect any gum disease or other critical dental conditions that may be ailing you. By using a 15 point standardized checklist you will experience the most thorough and comprehensive dental exam ever. We even have 3-D cone beam scan x-ray availability right here in the office. You do not have to go to an outsourced radiology clinic for the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging available anywhere today.

It is better to be proactive and get the screening done then to take the risk of being too late and being reactive to a potential oral problem.

Fluoride Treatments

You may not know it, but the things we drink and eat on a daily basis can damage the enamel of our teeth. Ask us about the shocking damage that we see with the new sports drinks and diet drinks. This is why fluoride treatments and remineralization products are a good idea. We normally associate fluoride treatments with young children, but studies show it is often times even more important for adults.

Root Canal Fillings

Do you have a toothache or and abscessed tooth? We can tell you one thing, it is not going to go away until you address the problem. Often times when a toothache occurs it is because the tooth has been damaged in some way. A root canal filling is now a gentle general procedure that removes the infection inside the root of the tooth and most importantly put an end to your pain. Dr. Mitchmore works hard to make sure that the nervousness and apprehension typically associated with this procedure turns to relaxation and comfort for his patients.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can cover a wide range of procedures including but not limited to wisdom tooth removal, simple and surgical extractions, etc. Dr. Mitchmore is constantly complimented on how at ease he puts his patients at before, during, and after any oral surgery procedure.

Sleep Apnea

Remember that snoring can have a negative effect on all involved. The people you sleep near can become increasingly frustrated because they simply cannot sleep when you are snoring. For you the fact that you are snoring may indicate a more serious underlying condition that you will want to address. If you are constantly tired even after you feel like you have gotten a good night's sleep, that is usually a tell tale sign of obstructive sleep apnea. Did you know that there are dental appliances that can treat sleep apnea? Especially for people who hate wearing a C-PAP machine.

Come to Houston TX LifeSmiles and we can get you started on the road to recovery right away.

Restorative Dentistry

White Fillings

Remember those ugly black silver mercury metal fillings that made your mouth look strange? Well, those are a thing of the past at LifeSmiles . Your cavity can be restored to look like new with a white filling that looks very natural to the point where no one with the naked eye would be able to detect its presence, at a price that you can afford.


Do you have chipped or broken teeth? Do you have silver mercury amalgam fillings that are over fifteen years old that are turning black, corroded or cracked? Do you know that silver mercury amalgam fillings actually expand with age and cause micro cracks in teeth? You would probably be a prime candidate for crowns. Dr. Mitchmore fabricates beautiful custom made porcelain crowns for his patients, Called Biomimetic Master Crowns. Biomimetic because they mimic nature in look and feel. Master because Dr Mitchmore has been honored to be called Master by both The American Academy of General Dentistry and The American Dental Implant Association, and these crowns are built to last. Most importantly, it can eliminate unpredictable dental emergencies and save your damaged tooth.

Dental Implants

Do your missing teeth make you feel uncomfortable? Are you embarrassed that you are missing teeth or feel guilty that you have not had one or more missing teeth replaced? Do you not want teeth that are removable or come out? That insecurity can be all but eliminated by having Houston dental implants put in. Full size dental implants not only look natural, but they replace the root and are so strong and durable as well. Dr. Mitchmore also has at his disposal advanced technology which makes dental implants and the process of placing them possible many times with no incisions and no stitches! Computer guided dental surgery is much like arthroscopic surgery. Recovery time and discomfort is extremely minimalized.


Bridges are for people who may have a tooth or two missing. In other words there may be special circumstances where you want options other than implants,

but you still want a way to replace the teeth you lost. Bridges are a unique way to replace new teeth and at the same time strengthen the bond between the once absent teeth and the ones that remain. Bridges are attached to adjacent teeth and DO NOT come in and out.

Full and Partial Dentures and Face Lift Dentures

Dentures from LifeSmiles made by Dr. Mitchmore allows you to live a normal lifestyle. The dentures we have are strong, sturdy, and do not cause slurs in speech whatsoever. We offer affordable packages for partial and full mouth dentures. Too often denture wearers are treated like step children by so many dentists. At LifeSmiles we understand that denture wearers are human beings too that have feelings and want to look every bit as good as anyone having a beautiful smile. Dr Mitchmore even wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal talking about dental facelifts. He feels that dentures deserve as much care and special attention, if not more, than any dental procedure. In fact, well made dentures are one of the most challenging and rewarding services a dentist can provide.

Full-Mouth Restoration

Getting your mouth fully restored with a new set of teeth can be a truly life changing experience for someone. In some cases it will feel as though you have turned back the clock 20+ years. Do not underestimate the confidence that a brand new set of teeth and a full-mouth restoration can give you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

We all want to have white teeth, so let LifeSmiles and the Zoom Whitening system get you there. For truly amazing results for even the most stubborn dark, yellowed or tetracycline stained teeth, we are excited to be one of the very few offices that can offer the Kor Deep Whitening system. We all know how much of a turnoff stained teeth can be and that problem among others can be eliminated by this procedure. You will improve your appearance and in some cases take years and years of wear and tear off of your teeth in the process.

Porcelain Veneers

There are many things that can make us insecure about our teeth. That definitely includes any kind of crooked or overlapped teeth we may have. Dr. Mitchmore will talk on a personal level with you in order to work towards a smile that you want. He then takes it from there and fabricates strong and durable porcelain veneers to make your dream smile become a reality. All porcelain veneers are not the same. Unfortunately, it makes a huge difference in the dentist that cares for you. All dentists do not have the same care, skill, and training in the important area. This decision is far too important to leave to chance or even the best “bargain”. Always look for actual photographs of your dentist’s work. At LifeSmiles, you will discover we take a lot of photographs. A picture is worth a thousand words and this is one of the best ways to communicate your present situation and the marvelous possibilities for enhancing your smile. Biomimetic Master Veneers can fool the eye and create a smile that you only have dreamed of.


This is a commercial brand of porcelain veneer for the budget conscious.

It is completely non-evasive and includes the improving of teeth that for whatever reason you do not like the look of. Dr. Mitchmore in a qualified lumineers dentist and can make those unsightly teeth look whiter and sturdier than they have been in years.

Gum Recontouring

If you look in the mirror and see more gums than is desirable or have a “gummy look”

Then gum recontouring may be a procedure for you. The overgrowth of gums can be caused by a variety of factors all of which can be solved by this procedure. There is even an innovative laser gum recontouring method that works very well that makes the process totally painless.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ disorders are basically treated by finding the perfect place for your jaw to be positioned so that it eliminates all of the pain you were experiencing as a result of it being out of place. Through years of experience, Dr. Mitchmore will be able to determine the perfect position of the jaw by measuring certain areas around your head and neck muscles. Neuromuscular dentistry is the science that establishes a harmonious balance of the jaw joints, the muscles of the face, and the way the teeth fit together without the use of drugs and weird appliances.

From there, Dr. Mitchmore will discuss your options as far as more advanced treatment goes. People suffering from TMJ disorder should contact Dr. Mitchmore right away so you can begin this consultation process.

Dr. Randy Mitchmore combines the science of dentistry’s advanced techniques and materials, with his own artful and creative style, to bring you consummate skill and the stunningly healthy smile you have been waiting for.

Our patients have found renewed confidence, comfort and elegance, all offered in the most relaxed, warm and pampering setting imaginable. We offer convenient on-site parking. So call our office today and schedule your free consultation appointment with your best houston dentist Dr Randy Mitchmore and see healthy dentistry with a beautiful twist.


Dr. Mitchmore receives the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Presidents Award (AACD).


Dr. Mitchmore is a good dentist. He knows I don’t like pain and therefore takes extra care to make my visit as painless as possible. He is reasonably priced on his services also. I would recommend him.

~ Pecolia P

A huge thanks to Dr. Mitchmore and his staff when I came into the office I had a smell and a bad taste in my mouth. Dr. Mitchmore replaced my bridge with a beautiful piece. Now the taste is completely gone and I have a beautiful smile! Thank you so much, you are a genius!

~ Tammy Muncly

I truly wish there were words to express my gratitude to you and your “wonderful” staff. Thank you very much for your kindness and your help.

~ Jacqueline L. C

The staff, the environment and mostly the work they do is excellent. I always feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Mitchmore and his team are awesome. Thanks for taking such great care of me..and i love my crowns…. The reason… i don’t know i have crowns! That is the best compliment you could ever receive!

~ Ken

Dr. Mitchmore’s office is the nicest place I’ve been in Houston! The Doctor himself is impressive. He’s professional, friendly, intuitive and a regular guy! I’ve had cleanings and MAJOR dental work. Everything was done to perfection. LifeSmiles is a great description of Dr. Mitchmore’s establishment!

~ Dorothy W. H.


  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Aurum Eramic, Dental Laboratories LTD
  • Implant Seminars, Implant Dentistry Education
  • Invisalign
  • Kor Whitening
  • LVI Global
  • The Pankey Institute
  • American Dental Implant Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
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